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Introduction to Beekeeping

Are you interested in becoming a beekeeper? Or maybe just curious and concerned about the threats to pollinators and want to learn more? Most have heard of the threats facing insect pollinators, in particular honey bees, and want to help by learning more and possibly keeping a hive or two themselves. Getting started with bees is an exciting, yet somewhat daunting, experience. Jumping right in without being prepared, however, can result in failure and expensive mistakes, making the experience something less than enjoyable. In this class we will learn about conservation issues around pollinators, both in general and honey bees in particular, and how we can help. We will take a look at the broader world of beekeeping both as a hobbyist and commercially, and dig into the art of beekeeping and what it takes to get started and be successful. We will cover the various options around the following: honey bee biology, equipment needed, where to get your bees, management approaches, and addressing the main challenges/obstacles to success. The course would be suitable for the complete beginner or the person who has two or three years experience and wants to learn more.

Instructor Bio: Brad Smith is the current President of the Beekeepers of Southwest Indiana, the owner/operator of Rock Creek Apiaries, and has been keeping bees for fun for ten years and as a sideline business for the last three years.

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