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Process improvement (PI) is learning to maximize an organization’s profits by examining the flow of a process, identifying, evaluating, and improving the process - by asking the right questions!

Expected participant learning outcomes:

  • Develop a skill set for analyzing, evaluating, and improving a process by eliminating non-value-added waste
  • Develop the ability to reduce the costs of a process (labor, materials, overhead)
    • Improving the productive use of all resources
    • Streamlining the process to eliminate steps that aren’t needed or don’t add value
  • Learn how to increase process output without increasing labor and other resources
  • Leave the program with a “hit the ground running toolbox” of usable skills, ready to improve an organization’s profitability

Key Elements Discussed – 3-Hours:

  • Learn to define the elements of a process (inputs, transformation, outputs)
  • Examine the financial impact of PI—savings become net profits and go directly to an organization’s bottom line
  • Develop an understanding of the key goal of process improvement—elimination of waste
  • Build a working knowledge of the tools available to the PI practitioner:
    • Construction & use of Process Charts aimed at eliminating waste
    • Review of how such items as Checklists, Pareto Charts, Cause & Effect Diagrams, Bar Charts, Graphs, etc. can be used for PI
    • Examine how Productivity Measures can point out PI opportunities
    • Review how Breakeven Analysis can determine PI opportunities
    • Learn how to Balance a Process to optimize resource utilization
    • Discover how to identify the Process Bottleneck, and how to increase the output of a process

Group Exercises will be used with each of these tools to reinforce how they are used in real time situations

  • Discuss Process Improvement through “Zero Defects” Quality Programs
  • Time permitting – discuss other miscellaneous PI opportunities including process visual controls; five approaches for PI problem solving; process simulation on the computer; PI in inventory management; and PI using Lean (JIT) Systems

Will be offered fall 2023

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      Paula Nurrenbern                                                      Office 812-461-5425
      Director of Corporate Partnerships                      Cell 812-455-3629
      and Customized Training  

      8600 University Boulevard 
      Evansville, Indiana 47712                                    

       Lesley Groves                                                            Office 812-464-1854
       Asst. Director of Corporate Partnerships        Cell: 812-319-9797  
       and Customized Training  

       8600 University Boulevard 
       Evansville, Indiana 47712