University of Southern Indiana

Advisory Board

  • Lora Arneberg, New Harmony, IN 
  • John Begley, Louisville, KY 
  • David Campbell, New Harmony, IN 
  • Amanda Daeger Chevalier, New Harmony, IN
  • Marc Chevalier, New Harmony, IN
  • Eames Demetrios, Los Angeles, CA
  • Lenny Dowhie, Evansville, IN
  • Jeremy Efroymson, Indianapolis, IN
  • John Grizzell, St. Louis, MO 
  • Docey Lewis, New Harmony, IN
  • Daniel Mason, Louisville, KY
  • Rob Millard-Mendez, Evansville, IN 
  • Mary Ann Michna, New Harmony, IN
  • John Streetman, Evansville, IN
  • Curt Uebelhor, Ferdinand, IN 
  • Jerry Wade, New Harmony, IN 
  • Kathryn Waters, Evansville, IN 
  • Connie Weinzapfel, New Harmony, IN

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