University of Southern Indiana


2019 Exhibitions

Louisville Link March 16 - April 26 Kayla Bischoff Letitia Quesenberry amy Chase Patrick Donley Kenneth Hayden Waller Austin KCY szwedzinski

Record of Memory May 10 - June 22 Conner Green Elisa harkins Yvette Mayorga Osamu James Nakagawa Carl Pope

Childish, Emotionally Insecure and Grandiose Philip Campbell July 6 - August 16

Threading My Way Docey Lewis August 24 - October 4

2018 Exhibitions

the politics of imagination women in illustration curated by sanders fellow theanoe christos

Middle ground april 14 - may 25 amelia vowilier stanley, dan woerner, kate burnet

2017 Exhibitions

Jonathan Becker, January 14-February 18

Disseminator of Useful Knowledge Print Invitational

Becky Alley, Brett Anderson, Marty Azevedo, John Begley, Stephen Black, Jim Bryant, Anne Burton, Justin Cecil, Susanna Crum, Benjy Davies, Kenny DeMoss, Laura Drapac,  Jon Goebel, Nicole Hand, Garry Holstein, Wesley Kramer, Beauvais Lyons, Michael McGovern, Andrew Mullally, Ashley Nason, Erika Navarrete, Chad Nelson, Howard Paine, Joel Peck, Nathan Pietrykowski, Endi Poskovic, Rudy Salgado, Blake Sanders, Hannah Sanders, Tessa Shackleford, Christopher Wallace, Valerie Wallace, and Dillon Wire.

Functional Relationships April 14 - May 27

Juror, Simon Levin, selected 20 groupings from over 100 submissions by local, regional, and national artists. Artists selected for the exhibition include: Lakyn Bowman, Douglas Browe, Ian Connors, Adrienne Eliades, Lynne Hobaica,  Alisa (AL) Holen, Lucien M. Koonce, Norleen Nosri, Brent Pafford, Joshua Primmer, Ali Saunders, Stephanie Seguin, Chance Taylor, Iren Tete, Matthew Wargel, and Zachary Wollert.


Chimel Ford, Susanna Crum, and Rodolfo Salgado from the Louisville. Chimel is a painter whose work focuses on popular culture products and icons. Susanna and Rodolfo are the owners of Calliope Arts studio and gallery which provides learning opportunities and artist sales space for the Louisville community. Megan Kelley is a “A Maker, Do-er, Thinker, Writer, Curator, Happier, Living in Nashville.” who operates under the name Studio Omnivorus. From Cape Girardeau, Blake and Hannah March Sanders are owners of Orange Barrell Industries, which is a collaborative multi-media art production and event organization. Ruth Reese and Kerry Smith are from the St Louis area. Ruth Reese is a ceramic artist and owner of the Reese Gallery in St Louis. Kerry Smith specializes in paintings of record albums and is owner of the graphic design company, Blackdog Creative.

Jonpaul Smith July 29 - August 26

The exhibition was curated by New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art board member, Jeremy Efroymson. In the curatorial statement for the show, Efroymson had the following to say about the selected artists and theme.

“When I think of the Hinterlands, I think of far-away places, places very different from where I live.  The artists in this exhibit, Judy Natal, Christos Koutsouras, Allyson Comstock, and Lori Miles all approach the idea of Hinterlands from different perspectives.

Judy Natal, Professor of Photography at Columbia College Chicago, presents us with images of the Gulf Coast which depict the resilience of the people who live in a hurricane-prone, highly-industrialized area.  The difficulties of living in such a challenging environment are apparent in her photos and video work, and also apparent is the connection to home which makes the people stay despite those difficulties.

Christos Koutsouras, originally from the island of Samos in Greece, now resides in Astoria, Oregon. His usual artistic medium is painting on canvas.  Shifting to installation, video, and photography, he takes to the scorched woods of Samos, the result of a devastating fire in the summer of 2016, to deliver a message of hope for renewal and also a warning against the destructive nature of humans toward the environment.

Allyson Comstock, the Chair of the Art Department at Auburn University, travelled to Antarctica on a National Science Foundation Fellowship at the Palmer Research Station. Her drawings of Antarctica depict a beautiful and sparse land from three different perspectives- far-away, close-up, and intermediate views of a fascinating landscape, reminding us to always examine the perspective we take when viewing far-away lands.

Lori Miles, Professor of Art at DePauw University, (and originally from the Hinterlands of Eastern Washington state) takes a whimsical approach to the Hinterlands and provides a sense of humor to serious issues.  Her work brings to mind the hope that while things at home may not be perfect, there is always the possibility of exotic places and locales where things could be different.”

High tech/low tech Nicole jacquard November 4 - December 15

2016 Exhibitions






June 11 – July 22

Caroline Bottom Anderson, Daniel Anderson. Steve Armstrong. Diane Kahlo. Tiffany Carbonneau. Brian Harper, Lauren Levato Coyne, Rory Coyne, Valerie Eickmeier, Philip Lamie, Jeannie Hulen, Adam Posnak, Tom Kalin, Craig Paul

A Changing Landscape, July 30 - Septeber 11

A Changing Landscape by Indiana Artist Tom Keesee is the first of a two part series meant to highlight the diversity and talent of Indiana Artists during the Bicentennial year. For this series, two important figures in the Indiana Art Community were invited to choose an exhibition for the gallery space during the time leading up to and immediately following the torch relay passing through New Harmony. Mark Ruschman, Chief Curator of Fine Arts for the Indiana State Museum, selected the landscape paintings of Tom Keesee.

Casey Roberts, September 17 - November 5

The exhibition is the second of a two part series meant to highlight the diversity and talent of Indiana artists during the Bicentennial year. For this series, two important figures in the Indiana Arts Community were invited to choose an exhibition for the gallery space during the time leading up to and immediately following the torch relay passing through New Harmony.

New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art board member, Jeremy Efroymson, selected the work of Indianapolis based artist, Casey Roberts. The works are created with a civil war era photochemical process known as cyanotype, that when exposed to sunlight gives a vibrant blue image. Roberts experiments with different materials in the process and finishes with added collage and painted elements. This exhibition was possible through the generous support of the Efroymson Family Fund.

Robot Invasion, November 12 - December 17

The exhibition was the result of a collaboration with Tin Man Brewery of Evansville. The show featured works in a variety of media including painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture and video. The exhibition showcased a wide range of artists from student to professional, including several USI students and alumni.   

This exhibition featured local, regional, national, and international artists:

Kelsey Allison & Clay Allison, Kyle Darnell, Davis & Davis, Tylar Dean, Megan Elleser, Melissa Erwin, Whitney Goller, Tara Tierney-Goodson, Randall Griggs, Blythe Noble Hager and Bradley Keen, Mr. Hooper, Lauren Koch, Heather Landry, Noah Laroia-Nguyen, Ryan McKain, Rob Millard-Mendez, Christina Robinson, Kate Ryder,  Brian Simpson, Scott Streets, Travis Streutker, Paul Wiersbinski, Christopher Wilke

2015 Exhibitions




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Apr. 18 – May 29              Faculty Flashback

Michael Aakhus, Lenny Dowie, William Leth, John McNaughton, Carolyn Roth, Kathryn Waters


Jun. 6 – Jul. 17                   Supernatural

Brett Anderson, Lesley Baker, Max Boschini, Emily Budd, Josiah Cazares, Richard Cutshall, Dominc Guarnaschelli, Gary Logan Hobdy, Sean Hoisington, Robert Horvath, Arpád Horváth, Christy Jochum, Sarah Kasch, Heather Landry, Laura Levine, Erich Neitzke, Quincy Owens & Luke Crawley, Andrew Davis, Stefan Petranek, Aaron Pierce, Steven Sickles, Kalli Stylianides, Ingrid Ung, Simon Welch, Kristen Wilkins

Curator: Paula Katz




2014 Exhibitions


Jan. 11 – Feb. 22               Infodumps and Datafills

                                             Leticia Bajuyo


Mar. 1 – Apr. 12                  the gazr in U

                                             Maidens of the Cosmic Running


Apr. 19 – May 30              Displaccement part two: Of Internal Affairs

Ashley Brossart, Gregory Scott Cook, Andrew Cozzens, Ryan Feeney, Mark Keffer, Megan Kociscak, Keith Linton, Matthew Loeser, Shawn Marshall, Adrienne Miller, Rebecca Norton, Ian Shelly, Tommy Taylor, Alli Wiles, Alice Pixley Young, Maria Zaikina

Curator: Stacey Reason


Jun. 7 – Jul. 19                   The Collected Past

                                             Hollie Chastain


Jul. 26 – Sept. 26               Disputed Likenesses

                                             Eames Demetrios


Oct. 4 – Nov. 14                Semiosphere

Kurt Anderson, Joan deJong, Beauvais Lyons, Rob Millard-Mendez, Ashley Nason, Adam Posnak, Casey Roberts, Andrew Scott Ross                


Nov. 22 – Dec. 24             Bicentennial Print Invitational

Michael Aakus, Brett Anderson, Marwin Bagaye, Kevin Bowman, Ana Cortes, Laura Drapac, Catherine Dreiss, James Elhers, Eleanor Erskine, Neal Harrington, Tammy Harrington, Garry Holstein, Matt Hopson, Brian Kelly, Ashton Ludden, Michelle Martin, Becca McConnell, Mike McGovern, Erich Neitzke, Nuno Nunez, Meghan O’Conner, Tracy Otten, John Timothy Pizzuto, Brandon Sanderson, Blake Sanders, Amanda Sibrel, Brian Shannon, Rob Stephens, Valerie Wallace, David Warren, Erik Waterkotte, Richard Wenrich



2013 Exhibitions


Feb. 9 – Mar. 10 Texiles

                                             Teresa Paschke


Mar. 16 – May 8               Roliqueries

                                             Amy Brier


May 18 – Jun. 23               Andrew Cozzens

                                             Andrew Cozzens


Jun. 29 – Aug. 18              The Grand Armada

                                             Smith Townsend Collaborative


Aug. 24 – Sept. 30            Retrospective

                                             Bill Whorrall


Oct. 5 – Nov. 18                Sara J. Northerner  Vesna Jovanovic

                                             Sara J. Northerner, Vesna Jovanovic


Nov. 23 – Dec. 27             The Functional Metaphor

                                             Alisa (Al) Holen

2012 Exhibitions


Jan. 7 – Feb. 11                 Indiana Days Kentucky Nights

                                             Andrew Kosten


Feb. 18 – Mar. 17             Forms of I.D.

                                             Gray Lyons, Morgan Ford, Ben Duke, Steven Labadessa, Christopher Olszewski


Apr. 14 – May 27              Scraping the Bowl

                                             Juan Angel Chávez


Jun. 2 – Jul. 8                     Accumulations

                                             Melanie Pankau


Jul. 14 – Aug. 19 Ray Chen

                                             Ray Chen


Aug. 25 – Sept. 30            Solace in the Commonplace

                                             Jennifer Halvorson, Cortney Boyd


Oct. 6 – Nov. 11                Intervention Landscapes

                                             Armin Mühsam


Nov. 17 – Dec. 24             Threaded Interface

                                             Annica Cupetelli

2011 Exhibitions


Jan. 8 – Feb. 5                   BLING (Art Jewelry from the Collection of Doris Murdoch)

                                             Doris Murdoch


Feb. 12 – Mar. 19             Harvesting Our Sun…and the Milky Way Galaxy Sculpture

                                             John David Mooney


Mar. 26 – May 7               And Red is the Earth…

                                             Anila Agha


May 14 – Jun. 18               EA$T/WE$T: A Global Look at Capitalism

                                             Priscilla Briggs, Jennifer Lock, Mary Ann Michna, Dylan Miner


Jun. 25 – Aug. 14              Curt Schmitt and John Spurgin

                                             Curt Schmitt, John Spurgin


Aug. 20 – Sept. 24            Bicentennial House Design Competition   


Oct. 1 – Nov. 12                PullSpeedCrashPunch: an exhibition about violence

                                             Doreen Maloney, Regina Mamore, Antonio Martinez

                                             Curator: Alison Erazmus


Nov. 19 – Dec. 24             All in the Family

                                             Lenny Dowie, Dowie’s former students

2010 Exhibitions


Jan. 9 – Feb. 20                 USI Emerging Artist Alumni: BRAVE NEW WORLD

                                             Clint Bosler, Christian Ethridge, Amy Moore, David Rigdon


Feb. 27 – Apr. 3                 Feminist Art of Indiana

                                             Juror: Esther Adler


Apr. 10 – May 16              The New Birds of New Harmony

                                             Brian Collier


May 22 – Jul. 3                  Objective Memories

                                             Joseph D-Uva, Jacinda Russell


Jul. 10 – Aug. 15 Liberties of Construction: Form, Content & Color

                                             Katherine Taylor, Billy Hertz


Aug. 21 – Sept. 26            Contemporary Glass        

                                             Jiyong Lee, Carmen Lozar, Amy Rueffert, Matt Urban


Oct. 1 – Nov. 14                Continuum

                                             Carolyn Roth


Nov. 20 – Dec. 24             Jim Buchanan: Land Artist, Installation and Exhibition

                                             Jim Buchanan

2009 Exhibitions


Jan. 17 – Mar. 7                Re-Routing: Carey McDougall

                                             Carey McDougall


Mar. 14 – Apr. 26              Cockleburs and Pleasantries

                                             Summer Zickefoose


May 2 – May 31                In Finite Definition

                                             Adrian Hatfield, Joe Meiser


Jun. 6 – Jul. 12                   New Harmony in Review

Catherine Hmurovich, John David Mooney, Anne Tichenor Schaller, Arthur Schaller, Kent Schuette


Jul. 18- Aug. 16                 Cubeular

                                             Josh Rodenberg


Aug. 22 – Oct. 4                immanent blue

Rowland Ricketts             


Oct. 10 – Nov. 15             Print Invitational 2009


Nov. 21 – Dec. 31             cuatro amigos en armonía

                                             Dan Brawner, Roger Clayton, Alexis Holeman, Griffin Norman

2008 Exhibitions


Nov. 17, 2007                    Silver Clouds

  – Jan. 31                           Andy Warhol


Feb. 16 – 26                       University of Southern Indiana Senior Seminar I


Mar. 1 – 11                        University of Southern Indiana Senior Seminar II


Mar. 22 – Apr. 27              Bluer Pastures

                                             Ilona Granet


May 3 – Jun. 15                 Seep

Elissa Cox


Jun. 21 - Aug. 3                 Body & Spirit

                                             Phillip Chan, Adam Fleming


Aug. 9 – Sept. 21               Art & Soul

Gulf Coast Artists             


Sept. 27 – Nov. 2              Eric Tucker

                                             Eric Tucker


Nov. 8 – Dec. 27               Interior: Photographs by Andrea Hoelscher

                                             Andrea Hoelscher

2007 Exhibitions


Jan. 6 - 17                           University of Southern Indiana Senior Seminar I


Jan. 20 - 31                        University of Southern Indiana Senior Seminar II


Feb. 10 – Mar. 24             D.I.C.K.

                                             Cheonae Kim & Artists Collective


Mar. 31 – May 13             Petra Kralickova and Michal Lile

Petra Kralickova and Michal Lile


May 19 – Jul. 1                  O Reader

                                             Jim Cogswell


Jun. 2 – 24                          Indiana Rural

Laura Foster Nicholson  


Jul. 7 – Aug. 19                  Body Scale: large Scale Adornment

                                             Jesse Mathes


Aug. 25 – Oct. 7                Robert Millard-Mendez

                                             Robert Millard-Mendez


Nov. 17                               Silver Clouds

  – Jan. 31, 2008                Andy Warhol

2006 Exhibitions


Jan. 7 – 21                          USI 2006 Senior Art Seminar: Where Digital and Fine Art Merge

                                             Exhibition I


Jan. 25 – Feb. 4                 USI 2006 Senior Art Seminar: Where Digital and Fine Art Merge

                                             Exhibition II


Feb. 11 – Mar. 25             Losing Race

                                             Adam Davis


Apr. 1 – May 14                 “Signs of Migration”

                                             Jason Baldwin


June 6 – Jul. 2                    Blake Cook

Blake Cook


Jul. 8 – Aug. 20                  “The Great Shriner Race”

                                             Matt Billman


Aug. 26 – Oct. 1                At Home and Abroad

Kathryn Waters 


Oct. 8 – Nov. 5                  Utopiana


Nov. 18 – 26                      Jason Reese


Dec. 2 – 24                         Print Invitational 2006

Curtis Uebelhor, Annie Dowhie, Ann Lannert, Michael Aakus, Janet Lorence, John Begley, Erich Shelton, Eric Braysmith, Janice Greene, Cedric Hustace, Charlie Spear, Carolyn Roth, Laura Walker, Jason Baldwin, Jon Siau, Les Miley, Herb Talley, Tom Williams, Jonathan Walker, Doyle Dean, Claire Helfrich, Beth Stofleth, Mark Fowler, Tom Wintczak, Lennie Dowhie, Keith Armstrong

2005 Exhibitions


Jan. 8 – 20                          USI 2005 Senior Seminar Show Exhibition I


Jan. 25 – Feb. 5                 USI 2005 Senior Seminar Show Exhibition II


Feb. 12 – Mar. 27             Wedding Bells


Apr. 2 – May 15                 Man’s Best Friend

                                             Kenneth Hayden, James Mellick


May 20                                Mary Beth Edelson Reception


May 21 – Jun. 30               30th Anniversary Exhibition

Mary Beth Edelson, Ann Lannert, Cheonae Kim, Karen Thompson, Carole Loeffler, Rick Paul


Jul. 9 – Aug. 14                  Forging New Ground: Contemporary Landscapes

                                             Larry Graham, Nancy Nichols, Sharon Howerton-Leightty, Brian Taylor


Aug. 20 – Oct. 2                Hui-Chu Ying

Hui-Chu Ying


Oct. 8 – Nov. 13                Stephen Lucas

                                             Stephen Lucas


Nov. 17                               Stephen Pace – Art Through Life (Documentary Film and Lecture)

                                             Stephen Pace


Nov. 19 – Dec. 24             Wild Women

                                             Sarah Shoot, Jane Case Vickers, Amy Rich, Judith Bush


2004 Exhibitions


Jan. 10 – Feb. 8                USI Senior Seminar Exhibition


Feb. 14 – Mar. 28             Judith Rice: Power of Two

                                             Judith Rice


Apr. 3 – May 16                 Digital Media Exhibition (Invitational)


May 22 – Jun. 27               Wendy Dixon

Wendy Dixon


Jul. 3 – Aug. 15                  Stephen Litchfield

                                             Stephen Litchfield


Aug. 21 – Oct. 3                Prima Facie


Oct. 9 – Nov. 14                Sabbatical Exhibition

                                             Michael Aakhus


Nov. 20 – Dec. 19             Print Invitational 2004

Michael Aakus, Petronella Bannier, Matt Billman, Barbara Bosco, William Brown, Cecile Broz, Deborah Burdick, Patricia Cole, Rita Gooding Davis, Doyle Dean, Amy Delap, Cedric Hustace, Shirley A. Kern, Ann Lannert, Rodney Myers, Gail Otterson, James Parrent, Clem Penrose, Nancy Peters, Curt Uebelhor

Celebrity participants: Wayne Hart, Jeff Lyons

2003 Exhibitions


Jan. 11 – Feb. 9                 USI Senior Seminar Show


Apr. 5 – May 11                 Documentary Photographs

                                             Patrick Dougherty


May 17 – Jun. 29               Laura Foster Nicholson

Laura Foster Nicholson


Jul. 5 – Aug. 9                    FLOW

                                             Shirley Kern


Oct. 4 – Nov. 8                  Carol Fleming

                                             Carol Fleming


Nov. 15 – Dec. 21             About Face: Contemporary Portraits

Mary Newton

2002 Exhibitions


Jan. 12 – Feb. 2                 The Seminar Show: An Exhibition by the Senior Art Seminar Class of USI


Feb. 9 – Mar. 16 Kristy Deetz and William Kolok: encaustic and sculpture

                                             Kristy Deetz, William Kolok


Mar. 23 – May 4               John McNaughton and Lenny Dowhie: wood and ceramics

                                             John McNaughton, Lenny Dowhie


May 11 – Jun. 22               Small Works Invitational

Nora Sturges, Clayton Peterson, M. M. Dupay


Jun. 28 – Aug. 3                 Photography: Gary Cawood & Tom Stio

                                             Gary Cawood, Tom Stio


Aug. 10 – Sep. 21              Painting: Ben Dallas & Timothy Van Laar

                                             Ben Dallas, Timothy Van Laar


Sep. 28 – Nov. 2                From the Forms: Three Contemporary Mexican Artists

                                             Martha Del Castillo, Miguel Peraza, Jorge Riquelme Lavalle


Nov. 9 – Dec. 21               Print Invitational 2002

Michael Aakus, Chuck Armstrong, Nel Bannier, John Begley, Matt Billman, William Brown, Cecile Broz, Deborah Burdick, Blake Cook, Doyle Dean, Amy DeLap, Anne Dowhie, Lenny Dowhie, Janice Greene, Brandon Gardner, Mary Hambly, Christopher Herndon, David Huebner, Joan Kempf, Donna Kohlmeyer, Ann Lannert, Ralph Larman, Mayor Russ Lloyd Jr., Janet Lorence, Rodney Myers, Erika Myers-Bromwell, Gail Otterson, Gary Passanise, Carolyn Roth, John Siblik, Margaret Skoglund, Joe Smith, Jonathan Soard, William H. Thielen, Joseph Uduehi, Curt Uebelhor, Katie Waters 

2001 Exhibitions


Jan. 6 – Feb. 3                   Seminar Show


Feb. 10 – Mar. 17             Wall Flowers 1999 - 2001

                                             Mel Watkin


Mar. 24 – May 5               “Dis-memberment and Re-membering” Installations and Drawings

                                             Karen Baldner


May 12 – Jun. 23               Dana Saulnier Paintings

Dana Saulnier


Jun. 30 – Aug. 4                 Portraits

                                             Nancy Plotkin, Petronella Bannier, Julia Hechtman


Aug. 11 – Sep. 22              Surface: Structure and Substance

                                             Textiles for the New Millenium

Jerry Bleem, Marilyn Gillis, Suzanne Hesh, Ann Baddeley Keister, Elizabeth Kuhn, Christine Lomax, Lana Lowenkamp, Nava Lubelski, Martha Donovan Opdahl, Jeung-Hwa Park, Teresa Paschke, Kim Ritter, Natasha St. Michael, Caprice Pierucci Taniguchi, Vickie VanFechtmann, Jane Case Vickers, Patricia Williams, Gayle Williamson


Sep. 29 – Nov. 10             Caroline Kahler and Tanja Softić

                                             Caroline Kahler, Tanja Softić


Nov. 17 – Dec. 22             Amy Falstrom: painting and drawing

Amy Falstrom

2000 Exhibitions


Jan. 6 – 29                          “The Seminar Show”


Feb. 5 – Mar. 18 James Nestor and Donald Stahlke

                                             James Nestor, Donald Stahlke


Mar. 19 – May 19             (No Record)


May 20 – Jun. 24               “Transmissions” An Exhibition of Recent Paintings

Donald Groscost


Jun. 30 – Aug. 12              “Mountain Waits”: An Installation by Lam Nguyen

                                             Lam Nguyen


Aug. 19 – Sept. 30            “brown”: An Exhibition of Fiber Sculpture  

                                             Ann Coddington Rast


Oct. 7 – Nov. 11                Print 2000

Michael Aakus, Chuck Armstrong, Karen Baldner, Nel Bannier, John Begley, Matt Billman, Bill Brown, Cecile Broz, Debbie Burdick, Patricia Cole, Blake Cook, Amy Delap, Anne Dowhie, Lenny Dowhie, Brandon Gardner, Janice Greene, Mary Hambly, Chris Herndon, Jon Hittner, David Huebner, John Jeffery, Kim Kurdelak, Ann Lannert, Ralph Larman, Janet Lorence, Martha MacLeish, Charlene Marsh, Sara Steffey McQueen, Rodney Myers, Lucian Nicholson, Gail Otterson, Bruce Pearl, Yuri Reshanov, Carolyn Roth, Steve Satterfield, John Siblik, Margaret Skoglund, Joe Smith, Jonathan Soard, Bill Thielen, Curt Uebelhor, Joseph Uduehi, Vicki VanFechtman, Heather Vickers, Katie Waters, Eugenia Woolman


Nov. 18 – Dec. 22             Shared Rooms (Installations)

Kurt Gohde, Martha Kaplan

1999 Exhibitions


Jan. 7 – 30                          Seminar 15 Exhibition


Feb. 7 – Mar. 24 Lonnie Graham Installations and Photographs

                                             Lonnie Graham


Mar. 28 – May 5               Yih-Wen Kuo, Anita Powell, Joseph Kress

                                             Yih-Wen Kuo, Anita Powell, Joseph Kress


May 9 – Jun. 16                 Kim Hoffman, Robin Davis

Kim Hoffman, Robin Davis


Jun. 20 – Aug. 4                 Pam Black, Bonnie Zimmer (Front Gallery)

                                             Pam Black, Bonnie Zimmer

                                             Civil Disobedience: an exhibition of contemporary art (Back Gallery)

Jude Heichelbech, Lenny Dowhie, Eugenia Woolman, Robert Peppers, Rodney Hatfield, Alicia Bailey


Aug. 8 – Sept. 19               Eric Nordgulen

                                             Eric Nordgulen


Sept. 25 – Nov. 6              Ann Lannert, Thomas McKee

                                             Ann Lannert, Thomas McKee


Nov. 13 – Dec. 19             Excerpts from the Barefoot Museum: The Work of Milton Figen

Milton Figen

1998 Exhibitions


Jan. 6 – 31                          Seminar Eight


Feb. 8 – Mar. 18 Kristin Rogers and Joel Whitaker

                                             Kristin Rogers, Joel Whitaker


Mar. 22 – Apr. 27              Margo Kren and John Siblik

                                             Margo Kren, John Siblik


May 3 – Jun. 10                 David Bower and Kerri Mehringer

David Bower, Kerri Mehringer


Jun. 14 – Jul. 22                 Brad Schwieger

                                             Brad Schwieger


Jul. 25 – Sept. 8                 “Maquettes, Machines and Memory Boxes” An exhibition of sculpture and outdoor installation

                                             Gregory Hull


Sept. 15 – Oct. 28             Jane Calvin, Tony Wright

                                             Jane Calvin, Tony Wright


Oct. 18                                Art Tour 98

Katie Waters, Les Miley, John and Kathy McNaughton, Carol Carithers, Dr. Thomas and Mary Topper


Nov. 1 – Dec. 22               Yasha Persson and Dallas Walters

Yasha Persson, Dallas Walters

1997 Exhibitions


Jan. 7 – 31                          Seminar X


Feb. 2 – Mar. 12 Miriam Hill, Debra Clem, Erin Palmer, Jennifer Shircliff

                                             Miriam Hill, Debra Clem, Erin Palmer, Jennifer Shircliff


Mar. 22 – May 7               Sad Wave

                                             Malcolm Cochran


May 24 – Jun. 26               Dornith Doherty, John Nelson

Dornith Doherty, John Nelson


Jun. 29 – Aug. 6                 Dan Addington, Cathy Cooper Patterson

                                             Dan Addington, Cathy Cooper Patterson


Aug. 10 – Sept. 17            William Harroff

                                             William Harroff


Sept. 21 – Oct. 29             Michael Aakhus

                                             Michael Aakhus


Nov. 2 – Dec. 23               “Manifestations: Mixed Media Assemblages” An exhibition by Robert Peppers

Robert Peppers

1996 Exhibitions


Jan. 7 – 31                          Seminar Twelve


Feb. 4 – Mar. 20 Ana England, Cheonae Kim

                                             Ana England, Cheonae Kim


Mar. 23 – May 15             “Evans Woollen/Selected Works, 1963 – 1996”

                                             Evans Woollen


May 19 – Jul. 3                  Peggy Shaw, Russell Weedman

Peggy Shaw, Russell Weedman


Jul. 13 – Aug. 21 “Separating Self: Art About Identity” from the Robert J. Shiffler Collection


Aug. 25 – Oct. 2                “Night and Day”

                                             Kathryn Waters


Oct. 6 – Nov. 13                Installation

                                             Elizabeth Mesa-Gaido


Nov. 16 – Dec. 21             Hua Lee, Eugenia Woolman

Hua Lee, Eugenia Woolman



1995 Exhibitions


Jan. 8 – 31                          Seminar Eight


Feb. 5 – Mar. 22 “Into the Woods”

                                             Ken Luymes, Don Taylor


Mar. 23 – May 20             (No Record)


May 21 – Jul. 2                  “Urban Markers”

                                             Mark Anthony Mulligan


Jul. 9 – Aug. 23                  “Thirty Years in Utopia” a retrospective celebrating 30 years of the New Harmony Ceramics Workshop

                                             Les Miley


Aug. 27 – Oct. 1                “Recollections”

                                             John McNaughton, Robert J. Brandt


Oct. 5 – Nov. 4                  ‘Womenspeak’ 29 textile artists inspired by writers

Ann Albertson, Christin Brown, Marilyn Chaffee, Susan Cochran, Mary Colton, Martha Cram, Deanna Davis, Marilyn Davis, Sharon Doyle, Maggie Godwin, Carol Harvey, Virginia Harvey, Jan Inouye, Beth Karjala, Joan Kolostian, Babs Levine, Judy Mathieson, Anita Luvera Mayer, Norah McMeeking, Barbara Peters, Ann Rhode, Pat Scoville, Charlene Anderson-Shea, Janet Shore, Patty B. Smith, Nancy Taylor, Mary Temple, Cyrena Wilson, Heather Winslow


Nov. 11 – Dec. 23             Installation

Gary Passanise

1994 Exhibitions


Jan. 9 – 31                          Seminar Ten


Feb. 6 – Mar. 30 “A Look in the Mirror: Artists’ Self-Portraits”

                                             Kyle D. Blevins, Gaela A. Erwin, J. Deryll Von Gunten


Apr. 3 – May 18                 A Taste of Fiber: The Polish Experience

Magdelena Abakanowicz, Zofia Butrymowicz, Lilla Kulka, Jolanta Owidzka, Urszula Plewka-Schmidt, Stefan Poplawski, Agnieszka Ruszczynska-Szafranska, Anna Urbanowicz-Krowacka


May 22 – Jul. 6                  la Vie Morte (still life)

                                             Chris Berti, Ron Isaacs


Jul. 10 – Aug. 24                John W. Ford installation & prints

                                             John W. Ford


Aug. 28 – Oct. 12              Susan Sensemann installation

                                             Susan Sensemann


Oct. 16 – Nov. 16             “Utopian Visions” Art Education Association of Indiana 1994 Regional Juried Exhibition

Juror: Barry Blinderman, Director, Illinois State University Galleries


Nov. 20 – Dec. 24             “Eastern Influence”

Ingrid V. Arneberg, Charlotte Rollamn

1993 Exhibitions


Jan. 10 – 31                        Seminar Seven


Feb. 7 – Mar. 17 “Spiritual Upheaval” new drawings and prints

                                             David Morrison


Mar. 21 – Apr. 28              Craig McDaniel, Michael Onken

Craig McDaniel, Michael Onken


May 2 – Jun. 30                 Celebrate The Year of American Craft 1993 Trends and Traditions

Dobree Adams, Arturo Alonzo Sandoval, Tom Turner, Janet Ayako Neuwalder, Paul Hermann, Phillip R. Tennant, Fiona R. Clark, William Carlson, William Duffy, Ana England, Roberta Elliot, Myra Mimlitsch Gray


Jul. 11 – Aug. 18                Christine H. Flavin Photographs, Dale Enochs Sculpture

                                             Christine H. Flavin, Dale Enochs


Aug. 29 – Oct. 6                Luis Gonzalez Palma Photographs

                                             Luis Gonzalez Palma


Sep. 8                                  Slide/video presentation

                                             Shu Lea Cheang


Oct. 10 – Nov. 10             Dwellings of the Soul

Becca Conrad, Calvin Kimborough, Nelia Kimbrough


Nov. 14 – Dec. 23             “Selections from Bart’s Art Permanent Collection: a portrait of an artist through his private collection” An Installation by Bart Kasten

Bart Kasten

1992 Exhibitions


Jan. 5 – 29                          Seminar Eight


Jan. 27 – 29                        USI/New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art Visiting Artist Program

                                             John. W. Ford


Feb. 2 – Mar. 15 Siona J. Benjamin

                                             Siona J. Benjamin


Mar. 23 – Apr. 22              S. Clay Furches, Dale Leys

S. Clay Furches, Dale Leys


Apr. 26 – May 27              DRAYA (Darrel Ray Allen)

Darrel Ray Allen


May 31 – Jun. 30               “African/American/Images”

                                             Curator: Willis Bing Davis

Jon O. Lockard, Ed Hamilton, Mariella Owens, Williams C. Taylor, Pheoris West, Kevin J. Wilson


Jul. 12 – Aug. 19                Ronald V. Clayton, MIlutin Pavlovic Paintings

                                             Ronald V. Clayton, MIlutin Pavlovic


Aug. 23 – Sept. 30            Leonard E. Dowhie Jr.

                                             Leonard E. Dowhie Jr.


Oct. 4 – Nov. 18                LADIES LUNCH: Exploring the Tradition

Ann Stewart Anderson, Joyce Garner, Susan Moffett, Wendi Smith


Nov. 22 – Dec. 31             Dana Goodman, Sarojini Jha Johnson

Dana Goodman, Sarojini Jha Johnson


1991 Exhibitions


Jan. 6 – 30                          Seminar Seven


Feb. 3 – Mar. 13 Mark Barone, Ellie Siskind

                                             Mark Barone, Ellie Siskind


Mar. 17 – Apr. 24              “Current Adornment” Clothing & Accessories by Regional Contemporary Artists

Francie Beard, Gnger Bickett, Teresa Callahan, Rene Cigler, First Hand Fabric, Lucy Harvey, Meg Higgins, Joan Lintault, Kathleen May, Anita Mayer, Zephra-May Miller, Marilyn Price, Andrea Rodriguez, Cathy Schenkel, Jeigh Singleton, Andrew Underwood, Visual Professional, Inc.


Mar. 25 – 28                      USI/New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art Visiting Artist Program

                                             Thomas Hilty Workshop


Apr. 28 – May 29              “Attic Fictions”

Suzanne Mitchell


Jun. 2 – Jul. 7                     Gary Gaffney, Christopher Ramsay

                                             Gary Gaffney, Christopher Ramsay


Jul. 14 – Aug. 21                “Seeing Is Believing” a series of peephole boxes

                                             Gerald Guthrie


Aug. 25 – Sept. 29            “Keep the Faith”: Jan Peterson Roddy “The Illuminated Book of Revelation” Photograph Series, Lucas Stone Sculpture

                                             Jan Peterson Roddy, Lucas Stone


Oct. 6 – Nov. 13                Karen Thompson Photographs

Karen Thompson


Nov. 17 – Dec. 22             Fred diFrenzi, Penny Sisto

Fred diFrenzi, Penny Sisto

1990 Exhibitions


Jan. 7 – 30                          Atheneum Invitational

Michael Aakus, Larry Barnfield, John Begley, Eric Braysmith, Bill Brown, Nancy Burch, Deborah Burdick, Shannon Corrigan, Elizabeth Davis, Dennis Deusner, Anne Dowhie, Lenny Dowhie, Ruth Doyle, Tim Fitzgerald, Stephanie Fuelling, Clay Furches, Janice Greene, Pamela Johnson, Calvin Kimbrough, Nelia Kimbrough, Carolee Kinkel, David Knepper, Don Ledbetter, Bill Leth, Deborah Leth, Janet Lorrence, John McNaughton, Les Miley, Tish Mumford, John Reynolds, Carolyn Roth, Teresa Roy, Tim Rutherford, Katie Slater, Breeze Sobek, William Sovern, Mark Timmis, Curt Uebelhor, Katie Waters, Ellen Wedeking, Connie Weinzapfel


Feb. 4 – Mar. 7                  Cheryl Cummings King, Brian Harrison Jones

                                             Cheryl Cummings King, Brian Harrison Jones


Mar. 11 – Apr. 14              “Furnishing Art”

Curator: Paul Sasso

Steve Bishop, John Bradley, Hershel Cook, Tim Cox, Ron Dale, Tom Eckert, David Gobert, David Jackson, Gary Lopicolo, Pete Malinoski, Cathy Robinson, Paul Sasso, Brent Skidmore, Jo Stone, Michael Turner, Rick Waters, Martin Welch, Trent Whitington


Mar. 29 – Apr. 3 USI Liberal Arts Forum and Reception

                                             Sibylle Badstuebner


Apr. 18                                Public Lecture and Reception

William Struve


Apr. 22 – May 6                 Farr/Hunt

                                             Warren Farr, Daniel Hunt


May 20 – Jun. 30               Beauty & Truth: the graphic works of Czechoslovakian artist Jiří Anderle

                                             Jiří Anderle


Jul. 8 – Aug. 22                  On Sign Sign Off: A Gallery Installation

                                             Kaiti Slater


Aug. 26 – Oct. 3                Billy Hertz, Sarah K. Roush

Billy Hertz, Sarah K. Roush


Oct. 7 – Nov. 14                Janet Ballweg, Tony Kukich

Janet Ballweg, Tony Kukich


Nov. 18 – Dec. 24             Hilary Eddy, Betsy Morris

                                             Hilary Eddy, Betsy Morris

1989 Exhibitions


Jan. 8 - 29                           White/Posey County Fine Arts Competition


Feb. 5 – 28                         Martha Kaplan

                                             Martha Kaplan


Mar. 5 – 29                        “Faces & Symbols From Within”

                                             Larry Barnfield, Mildred Lachman-Chapin


Apr. 2 – 30                          Dennis Oppenheim - drawings

                                             Dennis Oppenheim


May                                     (No Record)


Jun. 18 – Jul. 30                 Recent Paintings

                                             Steve Paddack


Aug. 6 – Sept. 6                 Tom Keesee, Susan Tennant

                                             Tom Keesee, Susan Tennant


Sept. 10 – Oct. 18             Indiana Arts Commission Fellowship Show

Edward F. Boilini, Sara Buchwald, William C. Cross, Jane E. Dickerson, Valarie V. Eickmeier, Daniel Engelke, Pamela Falkenberg, Dennis Ichiyama, Diane Itter, Thomas Keesee, AnnMarie LeBlanc, John MacGibbon, Martha Donovan Opdahl, Katherine Pastel, David Peterson, Leah Marie Ritchie, Katherine L. Ross, Joel Santaquilani, John F. Sherman, Betsy Stirratt, Kathryn Waters, Jeffery A. Wolin


Oct. 24 – 26                       USI/NHGCA Visiting Artist Program

                                             Cecile Broz


Oct. 22 – Nov. 15             Ronald Leax. Jeffery A. Wolin

Ronald Leax. Jeffery A. Wolin


Nov. 19 – Dec. 24             “Private Collections”

                                             Donald Davis, John Fraser, Jacque Parsley, Linda Solovic

1988 Exhibitions


Jan.                                      Watercolors of New Harmony: Nancy Follis

                                             Nancy Follis


Feb. 7- 29                           Barbara Kendrick, Karen Spears

                                             Barbara Kendrick, Karen Spears


Mar. 6 - 31                         Vincennes University Faculty Show

Amy DeLap, Mary Finneran, Deborah Hutchinson, Andrew Jendrzejewski, Jim Pearson, Brad Schwieger, Milt Sigel


Mar. 9 - 11                         USI Visiting Artist Program

                                             Robert Nelson


Apr. 3 - 6                             USI Visiting Artist Program

                                             David Bower


Apr. 3 – 27                          Betsy Stirratt, Bruce Riley

                                             Betsy Stirratt, Bruce Riley


May 1 – 31                         “Lush Life”

                                             Kathryn Waters


Jun. 5 – 30                          Architectural Inspirations

                                             Dean Denton, Mark Fowler, Laura Griffith, Ron Kovatch, Richard Nickolson


Jul. 1 – 31                           BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS

                                             Deborah Kay Hutchinson, Bernard Raphael Hagedorn


Aug. 7 – 31                         John Bott, Kathy Hicklin Bott

                                             John Bott, Kathy Hicklin Bott


Sept. 4 – Oct. 4                 recent work WILLIAM H. THIELEN

                                             William H. Thielen


Oct. 1 – 31                         John Hubbard: Small Works from the Alhambra Series

                                             John Hubbard


Oct. 9 – Nov. 15                Agrosculpture

Stephen Lloyd Herron


Oct. 13                                Visiting Artist Program

                                             Katharine T. Carter


Nov. 20 – Dec. 24             Drawings and Constructions

                                             James Ferringer

1987 Exhibitions


Jan. 3 – 31                          “June in January: Paintings of New Harmony”

                                             Nancy Follis


Jan. 4 – 28                          Posey County Fine Arts Competition


Feb 1 – 25                           Ann Horwedel

                                             Ann Horwedel


Mar. 1 – 31                        New Figuration

Scot Campbell, Michelle Feulner-Castro, Thomas Tobias


Mar. 3 – Apr. 30                Celebrating the Humanities: Campus and Community (A Spring Festival from USI Arts & Humanities)

Ellen Lanyon, Roland Ginzel, Karl Haas, Eileen Bender, Philip Hagemann, Franz Schulze, Bettie Sellers


Mar. 3 – 4, Apr. 16           Spring 1987 Visiting Artist Series

                                             Ellen Lanyon, Ronald Ginzel, Franz Schulte


Apr. 5 – 29                          University of Southern Indiana Alumni Invitational

Lysa Howard-McDowell, Don Ledbetter, Margie Marx, Dennis Montgomery, Chris Reising


May 3 – 31                         Midwest Photography

                                             Kenneth Burkhardt, Pamela DeMarris, Sara Northerner, Pamela Tomchey


Jun. 7 – 30                          Horizontal Traditions

                                             Jane Everhart, Michael Gould, Tom Seghi, Paulette Thenhaus


Jul. 1 – 24                           2 Events in July:

New Harmony Clay

Richard Burkett, Don Frith, Jim Gorman, Dick Hay, Mimi Howard, Cindy Joldersma, Les Miley, Dee Schaad

It’s in the Cards!

Performed by: Jeff Noonan, Sharon Bangert, Hollis Huston, Barbara Duvall-Holmes, Mark Wallace, Henry Claude

Slide Photography: John Hilgert

Exhibition Consultation: Mary Olesen

Postcard Contributors: Anonymous, Leon Anderson, Eleanor Antin, James Ator, Jeri Au, Anna Banana, Barbara Bangert, David Benjamin, Mark Bloch, Wendy J. Burch, Larry Buxbaum, Carol Carpenter, Michael Castro, Michael Catalano, Joe Catalano, Marie & Mark Clark, Mitch Clark, Robert Cobbing, John Robert Columbo, Bruce Craven, Eileen Dailey, Susanna Dakin, Blane de St. Croix, John Donhaue, David Dramm, Tom Dudzick, Karen Edmunds, Linda Eyerman, Barbara Featherstone, Donald Finkel, Robert Fishbone, Robert Fruehwald, Peter Ganick, Mike Gunderloy, Chris Haffner, Matt Hale, Joan Hall, Lucy Harvey, Alexa Henderson, Christian Hermann, John Hilgert, Judith Hoffberg, Myo Ida, Susan Imhoff, Mary Jo Johnson, Howard Jones, Susan Kessler, Peter Kime, William Koethe, William Kohn, Faye Kicknosway, Richard Kostelanetz, Tuli Kupferberg, Tom Lang, Laurie Lee, Ann Lehman, Sara Linquist, Anna Lum, Mancy Margulis, Linda Montano, Charlie Morrow, Brendan Noonan, Jeffrey Noonan, Mary Olsen, Pauline Oliveras, David Oskamp, Gary Passianese, Donna Persons, Barry Edgar Pilcher, Carlo Pittore, Phyllis Plattner, Bern Porter, Ernie & Marie Robesen, Stephen Rodefer, Robert Rutman, John Ruppert, Jane Sauer, Joyce Schemanske, Elisha Shapiro, Andrew Stiller, Alexander Stoddart, Stan Stroh, James Tackett, Judith Tannenbaum, Fred Truck, Curt Uebelhor, Ed Varney, Edgardo-Antonio Vigo, Helen Villa-Lobos, Larry Wendt, Marian & Steve White, Jet Wimp, Dale Woolery


Aug. 9 – 31                         Cecile Broz, Nicholas Kripal

                                             Cecile Broz, Nicholas Kripal


Sept. 6 – 30                        1987 Indiana Arts Commission Fellowship Show


Oct. 4 – 28                         Marilyn Price Textile & Drawings

                                             Marilyn Price


Nov. 1 – 30                        Valerie Eickmeier, Sandy Miller Sasso

                                             Valerie Eickmeier, Sandy Miller Sasso

1986 Exhibitions



Feb 2 – Mar. 6                   C.A.N.E. Contemporary Artists Network of Evansville

                                             Group Show


Mar. 9 – 31                        aŕjēdāle

A visual arts group from Louisville, KY


Apr. 6 – 30                          Anne McKenzie Nickolson, Pat Woodard

Anne McKenzie Nickolson, Pat Woodard


May 4 – 29                         Peers Appear: featuring the work of two teachers and two of their former students at the University of Southern Indiana

                                             Nancy Burch, Nelia Kimbrough, John McNaughton, Lenny Dowhie


Jun. 1 – 30                          Sculpture: Chet Geiselman, John Pohlman

                                             Chet Geiselman, John Pohlman


Jul. 1 – 31                           Musical Ceramic Sculpture

                                             Brian Ransom

                                             Musical Performance of Original Compositions by the Artist

Featured Performers: Brian Ransom, Emily Phelps, Cristina Guiterrez, Carl Kautzman, Robert Kotulek, Andrew Mullen, Brook Reindollar


Aug. 3 – 31                         “Clay Today”

                                             Anne Meszko, Melissa Wright Pokorny, Mark Richardson, Walter Zurko

                                             Signs & Symbols: featuring painting from the 400 Club

Dan Adams, Dona Eaton, Debra Leth, Tom Martin, Dan Sanders, Pennee Shelton, Frank West


Sept. 8 – 10                        Helen and Nel Laughon Internationally-known Silhouettists


Sept. 7 – 30                        Printmakers of Australia and New Zealand

                                             Curated by Bill Whorrall


Oct. 5 – 30                         “Since the Beginning” The current work of three outstanding regional artists who have been involved with New Harmony Gallery since it opened in 1975.

                                             John Begley, Darryl Halbrooks, Rick Paul


Nov. 2 – 27                        University of Southern Indiana Faculty Show

Michael Aakhus, Lenny Dowhie, William Leth, John McNaughton, Carolyn Roth, Kathryn Waters


Dec. 7 – 31                         “Precious Pieces”

Paintings, drawings, sculpture, prints, jewelry, ceramics and glass by 35 Gallery Artists

1985 Exhibitions


Jan.                                      Group Consignment Show


Feb.                                     Twinrocker Revisited


Mar. 10 – Apr. 7 “Mukfa”

Ron Markman


Apr. 9 – 28                          Franklinstein

Wendy Calman


Apr. 27 – 28                       New Harmony Photographic Workshop

Allen Campbell, Wesley Joyce, Bob Wheeler, Michael T. Schmidt, Elizabeth Vaughn, Michael Roberts, Dennis Kissel


May 5 – 31                         To Dance: Paintings and Drawings by Mary Beth Edelson

                                             Mary Beth Edelson


Jun. 2 – Jul. 12                   Artists’ Spaces Collaborate

Steve Cagan, Cole Carothers, Alan R. Crockett, David Ettinger, Michael Horvath, Lisa B. Jameson, Michael Nakoneczny, Richard Petry


Jul. 21 – Sept. 1                 Figuratively Speaking

                                             Brad Loudenback, Robert Kingsley


Sept. 15 – Oct. 15             Installation Sculpture: Michael Warrick

                                             Michael Warrick


Oct. 27                                Tenth Anniversary Mail Art Exposition


Nov. 24 – Dec. 29             Glass Invitational

Curated by: Mark Fowler

Judy Bally Jensen, Mark Kobasz, Paul Marioni, John Magin, John Sweitzer, Janusz Walentynowicz, Jon Wolfe

1984 Exhibitions


Jan.                                      Group Consignment Exhibition


Feb.                                     Michael Gould


Mar. – Apr.                         Graphic Design as an Art Form

Paul Brown, Duana George, John Jenkins, Kirsten Johnson, Julia Taugner


Apr. 2 – 6                            ISUE Visiting Artist Program

David Furman


May 6 – 31                         Curtis R. Uebelhor: constructed sculpture

                                             Curtis R. Uebelhor


Jun.                                      Works on Paper Partnership International

Indiana: Sharon Calhoon, V. Eichmeier-Reina, James Faust, Gloria Fischer, Darryl Jones, Karen Leonard Liles, Rudy Pozzatti, Wendy Ritchey, Jan Tenenbaum, David Scott Thomas, Suzana Sommer, Carlos Wladimirsky, Margarete Zanchin

Brazil: Mariza Barros, Livi Bernhardt, Vera Lucia Dones, L. Garcia de Miranda, Clara Pechansky, Edson F. Pereira, Edison Pratini, Elcio Rossini


Jul. 1 – 31                           Vessel Essence

                                             Gail Diel, Ingrid Thomas-Hooker, Susan Harris


Aug. 12 – 31                       Robert Murray, Larry Reising

                                             Robert Murray, Larry Reising


Sept. 9 – Oct. 10               Daniel McGuire, Jeff Bender

                                             Daniel McGuire, Jeff Bender


Oct. 14 – Nov. 14             Bill Whorrall

                                             Bill Whorrall


Nov. 18 – Jan. 6, 1985     Metals Invitational

Curated by: Linda LaRoche

Linda LaRoche, Pat Flynn, Susan Hunt, Randy Long, Alan Revere, Marilyn Griewank da Silva, Jack da Silva, Kye-Yeon Son, Lin Stanionis, David Tisdale

1983 Exhibitions


Jan. – Feb.                          Group Consignment Exhibit


Mar. 6 – 30                        Dean Howell, realist sculptor

Dean Howell


Apr. 3 – 30                          Fiber Wearables – State of the Art

                                             Betsy Blumenthal, Jacqueline Fogel, JoAnn Giordano, Marilyn Price, Carol Ward

                                             Entropy Fugue

                                             Nina Hanenson


May 1 – 22                         David L. Rodgers, Indiana Limestone Sculptor

                                             David L. Rodgers


May 29 – Jun. 26               Janice Rae Adams

                                             Janice Rae Adams


Jul. 31 – Aug. 31 Layers of Meaning: ceramics and drawings by Margie J. Marx

                                             Margie J. Marx


Sept.                                    Making It In Paper: An Indiana Mill

Howard Clark, Marge Levy, Joe Goode, Susan Hostetler, Robert Kushner, Terry Lacy, Katie MacGregor, Richard Meier, Don Nice, Curtis Rhodes, James Rosenquist, Czashka Ross, Bernie Vinzani, Theo Wujcik, James McGarrell, Kathryn Clark, Jennie Frederick, Charles Hill, Grace Hough, Fran Lacy, Janet Lorence, Todd Matus, Robert Natkin, Margaret Prentice, Robert Rauchenburg, Nori Sato, Barbara Tetenbaum, William Wiley, Claire VanVliet


Oct. 2 – 26                         Mediterranean Series

                                             Kit Hillery


Oct. 30 – Nov. 30             A Sense of Time and Place

Kathryn Waters, William Brown


Dec.                                     Metals Invitational

                                             Richard Bauer, Teresa Callahan, Anne Dick, Gifford Noland

1982 Exhibitions


1982                                    “Dogtown: Robert Strini” video workshop, sculpture

                                             Robert Strini

                                             Videotape by: Calvin Kimbrough


Jan. – Feb.                          Linda Arndt


Mar. 28 – Apr. 23              Collaborative Projects’ “Mural America”

Jim Casebere, Jody Culkin, Sally White, Jane Dickson, Bill Komoski, Teri Slotkin, Richard Mock, Florence Neal, Kiki Smith, Buzz Hartshorn, Tom Warren, Dick Miller, Tom Morton, Lisa Kahane, Debby Davis, Sally Heller, Bobbie G., David Wells, Charles Ahern, Mike Glier, Richard Bozman, Nan Goldin, John Ahearn, Tom Otterness, Tony Moscatello, Joseph Nechvatal, Ellen Cooper, Mitch Corber, Maria “Palmtree”, Becky Howland, Cara Perlman, Andrea Callard, Jolie Stalh, Alexi Queen, Peter Grass, Robin Winter, Fred Braithewaite, Trevvie Breemer, Judy Ross, Wolfgang Stali, Christy Rupp                                              


May                                     Peter Bobnar III

                                             Peter Bodnar III


May 7 – Jun. 5                   1982 Workshops

                                             Rudy Pozzatti, Marilyn Price, Rick Paul


May 23 – Jun. 18               Graven Images

                                             Robert Evans


Jun. 20 – Jul. 16                 Stonetraces

                                             Prints from Fort Wayne, Indiana group


Jul. 18 – Aug. 6                  Robert S. Williams

                                             Robert S. Williams


Sept. 12 – Oct. 3               Maria Pastore Lang

                                             Maria Pastore Lang


Oct. 9 – 24                         First Americans, contemporary Native American art

                                             Jim Abeita, Clifford Beck, Katalin Ehling, Steve Forbis, R.C. Gorman, Gary Montgomery, Bill Rabbit, Kevin Red Star, Paladine Roye, Fritz Scholder, Virginia Stroud, Johnny Tiger, Calvin Toddy, Donald Vann, Antowine Warrior


Nov. 14 – Dec. 3               Joel Feldman

Joel Feldman


Dec. 5 – Jan. 2, 1983        Precious Sculpture

                                             Susan Ewing, William Leth, Leslie Leupp, Leslie Weissman

1981 Exhibitions


Jan.                                      Sculpture: Indiana

Gary Freeman, Alan M. Greenberg, Barry Hehemann, Jim Huntington, Margaret Lanterman, Steve Leucking, Peggy Lovett, Rick Paul, Robert Ressler, John Spofforth


Feb.                                     Group Consignment Show


Mar.                                    Wood: Young Talent and Inspiration

Chet Gieselman, Kevin Irvin, John McNaughton, Amy Musia, Bill Presler, Curt Uebelhor


Apr. 12 – May 7                 Charlotte Paul, Lida Gordon

                                             Charlotte Paul, Lida Gordon


May 9 – Jun. 5                   Artists/Environment

                                             Dan Engelke, Nina Henenson, John Goodheart, Kent Dewalt


Jun.                                      Fran Kratzok

                                             Fran Kratzok


Jul.                                       Mark Lyman, Anne Meszko

                                             Mark Lyman, Anne Meszko


Aug. 9 – 31                         Merrill Snethen

                                             Merrill Snethen


Jul. 18 – Aug. 6                  Robert S. Williams

                                             Robert S. Williams


Sept. 4 – 18                        3x3 Exchange: “Members Juried Exhibition”


Sept. 25 – Oct. 9               3x3 Exchange: “Quick and Dirty”


Oct. 11 – 30

& Nov. 8 - 29                     3x3 Exchange: “Out of the Pocket”

                                             B. Joiner, W. Kolok, L. Gordon, B. Boysen, J. Adams, L. Sullivan, A. Jendrzejewski, C. Bopp, M. Price, R. Evans, B. Whorrall, I. Thomas-Hooker, K. Sanjabi, D. Halbrooks, A. Addington, J. Molinero, P. Bodnar, M. Smith, A. Pounders, J. Everhart, J. Backes-Sills, A. DeLap, M. Miller, T. Worley, J. Whitesell, G. Schmitt, L. Reising, C. Uebelhor, J. Bott, J. Begley, S. Williams, R. Smith, A. Benecki, W. Renschler, W. Bruhl, G. Diel, R. Davis, M. Torre-Whitesell, M. Culver, L. Dowhie, R. Myers, T. Callahan, R.S. Williams, J. Soard, A. Stoddard


Nov. 8 – Dec. 7                 “Clement Penrose/Paintings” (Gallery I, the Atheneum)

Clement Penrose


Nov.                                    Chicago Paper

Barbara Blades, Bonnie Hartenstein, Sherry Healy, Constance Lyman, V.A. Pintor, Kitty Reeve, Peggy Schaps, Marilyn Sward, Justine Wantz


Dec. 5 – Jan. 3, 1982        Making it in Crafts: An Indiana Sampler

Michael Atwell, Cynthia Boehmke, Betsy Blumenthal, Jay Brubaker, Myrna Brunson, Eileen D. Burkett, Richard D. Burkett, Anne S. Canright, Kathryn Clark, Nell Devitt, Vicky Dickerhoff, Gail Russel Diel, K. Dolk-Ellis, Aniko Droegmeyer, Scott Frankenburger, JoAnn Giordano, James Gray, Steve Guliani, Anneke Herrold, Jill David Jaeckle, Dennis Kirchmann, Lynda LaRoche, Katie MacGregor, John Mills, Anne M. Nickolson, Alan Patrick, Bruce Powell, Margaret Prentice, Marilyn Price, Joan Renne, Judith Rose, Sally E. Ryan, James Sampson, Walter Schmidt, Ted Stahly, Becky Stevens, Richard Tuck, Bernie Vinzani, Edward Wang, Carol Ward

1980 Exhibitions


Jan.                                      Group Exhibition


Feb.                                     Robin Davis, Rhonda Smith

Robin Davis, Rhonda Smith


Mar. 16 – Apr. 11              Andrew Jendrzejewski, Amy DeLap

                                             Andrew Jendrzejewski, Amy DeLap


Mar. 22 – May 11             Visual Art Workshops

                                             Gary Schmitt, William Renschler, Jane Everhart


Apr. 20 – May 16              Rick Paul: Drawings & Sculpture

                                             Rick Paul


May 18 – Jun. 13               Michael Aakhus: drawings, monotypes, paintings

                                             Michael Aakhus


Jun. 15 – Jul. 11                 Arturo Sandoval

                                             Arturo Sandoval


Jul. 13 – Aug. 8                  Prints by Printmakers

                                             Win Bruhl, James Butler, Richard Finch, Ray George, Gary Kaulitz, Larry Hortenbury, Robert Malone, Susan Moffett Mathias


Aug. 10 – Sept. 5               Porcelains

                                             Harris Deller


Sept.                                    Four Photographers

                                             Mark Kelly, Harvey Osterhoudt, Michael Schmidt, Bob Williams


Oct.                                     Another Look/5th Anniversary Show


Oct. 27 – 31                       ISUE Lecture-Workshop

                                             Jane Abrams


Nov. 9 – Dec. 5                 Small Scale Exhibition

                                             Joan Backes-Sills, Gary Schmitt, Taj Worley


Nov. 8 – Dec. 7                 “Clement Penrose/Paintings” (Gallery I, the Atheneum)

Clement Penrose


Dec.                                     5 Metalsmiths

Teresa Callahan, Lynn Duggan, Sean Gilson, Gifford Noland, Anne Taussig

1979 Exhibitions


Jan.                                      Group Exhibit


Feb. 4 - 23                          Artwork of Purdue University Graduate Program Art Students

M. Atwell, J. Chevalier, K. Crumley, D. Davis, J. DeVore, M. Dohner, J. Fogel, K. Friedman, J. Giordano, J. Glascock, C. Hines, P. Iverson, J. Jaeckle, C. Kahler, N. Leimkuhler, L. Lipschutz, C. Morrison, D. Peterson, C. Sandberg, S. Swagerle


Feb. 25 – Mar. 30             Young Visions II: Art From Children


Apr. 1 – 27                          Wood: Sculptural/Functional

                                             John McNaughton


May 13 – Jun. 15               New Harmony Imprints


Jun. 11 – Aug. 3                 University of Evansville’s 1979 Summer Workshops


Jun. 17 – Jul. 11                 Engelke, Donhauser: ceramics

                                             Dan Engelke, Paul Donhauser


Jul.                                       Roadshow, Indianapolis Billboard Artists

                                             Group Exhibit


Aug. 19 – Sept. 14            Everhart Pastels, Burkett Ceramics

                                             Jane Everhart, Richard Burkett


Sept. 16 – Oct. 5               Sensemann

                                             Susan Sensemann


Oct. 7 – Nov. 2                  Richard Meier: Collages and Architectural Drawings

                                             Richard Meier


Nov. 4 – 30                        Fresh Faces

                                             Mike Culver, Mike Harbison, Anne Horwedel, Dale Leys, Michael Rubin, Mary Sprague, Craig Steketee, Lenny Titzer, James White


Dec. 2 – Jan. 4, 1980        Ingrid Thomas-Hooker, Jonathan Soard

Ingrid Thomas-Hooker, Jonathan Soard

1978 Exhibitions


Jan. 15 – Feb. 10               Young Visions: Art From Children


Feb. 12 – Mar. 10             Ceramics/Graphics

Sharon Wood, Cheryl Bopp


Mar. 12 – Apr. 7 Eric Nelson: Formalist Sculpture

                                             Eric  Nelson


Mar., Apr., May                Contemporary Arts Forum


May 7 – Jun. 2                   Ohio River Arts Festival Artists’ Invitational

Mike Aakhus, Tim Eberle, Fred Eilers, Maureen Farrell, Doug Henry, Mike Pittman, Teresa Roy


Jun. 4 – Jul. 7                     Landfall Press Prints

12 artist including: Robert Arneson, Christo, Philip Pearlstein, Pat Steir, Jack Tworkov, William T. Wiley, Claes Oldenburg


Jul. 9 – Aug. 4                    Six Potters

                                             Don Crane, Gail Diel, Steve Hayworth, Rich Lowenkamp, Linda Sullivan, David Rodenburg


Jul. 16 – Aug. 20                Berry Klingman Prints

                                             Berry Klingman


Aug. 6 – 27                        Third Annual Summer Workshop Student Show


Sept. 10 – Oct. 6               Maggie Smith, Clay Sculpture

                                             Maggie Smith


Oct. 8 – Nov. 3                  Ken Preston – Printmaker, Joe Molinaro – Potter

                                             Ken Preston, Joe Molinaro


Nov.                                    Arnold Ball


Dec. 3 – 29                         Fiber Into Cloth, wearable hand-woven originals

Karen Ferguson, Kathy Sanjabi, Carolyn Dehoff, Peggy Maddocks, Rodney Myers, Dot Replinger, Ardelia Williams

1977 Exhibitions


Jan. 16 – Feb. 6                 Paintings, Prints and Ceramics

                                             Darryl Halbrooks, Leonard Dowhie


Feb. 20 – Mar. 11             Drawings - eight artists

John Bott, James Grubola, Marsha Miller, Carolyn Roth, Terry Schupbach, Phil Simpson, Ann Stoddard, Brian Wells


Mar. 13 – Apr. 1 The Vitality of Light, paintings and prints by Henry Chodkowski

                                             Henry Chodkowski


Apr. 3 – 24                          Color Intaglio, Lithography, Woodcuts & Photography

                                             Hope A. Cook, William Renschler, James Stephen Clary


May 1 – 22                         Fiber from the Guild

Champaign –Urbana Spinners and Weavers Guild


Jun. 12 – Jul. 5                   Eloquent Simplicity: Porcelain by Breeze Griswold

Breeze Griswold


Jul. 10 – Aug. 5                  Gallery Group Exhibition

                                             Don Pilcher, Dick Hay, Tom and Ginny Marsh, Berry Klingman, David Keister, Joan Lintault


Aug. 7 – 26                         New Harmony Summer Workshop Student Show


Aug. 28 – Sept. 23            Transformations

                                             Bernard Vinzani, James Gorman


Sept. 25 – Oct. 21             Paintings by Bill Whorrall

                                             Bill Whorrall


Oct. 23 – Nov. 18             Paintings and Drawings, Patricia Brentano

                                             Patricia Brentano


Nov. 20 – Dec. 11             Watercolors: Stephen Pace

Stephen Pace

1976 Exhibitions


Jan. 11 – Feb. 1                 Ann Stoddard Exhibition, Paintings and Drawings

                                             Ann Stoddard


Feb. 15 – Mar. 7 Lowe/Pozzatti Print Exhibition

Marvin Lowe, Rudy Pozzatti


Mar.                                    7+1=8 Forms in Wood

Alan Friedman, Jeff All, John All, Jean Rich Melloh, M. Brentlinger, Molly Ellingsworth, Richard Davoust


Apr. 10                                Sam Richards, John and Marilyn Torre-Whitesell

                                             Sam Richards, John and Marilyn Torre-Whitesell


May 9 – 30                         Three Contemporary Artists of Historic New Harmony

John Begley, Rodney Myers, Gene Nix


Jun. 20 – Jun. 26               “Mouth” Performance

Mark Ross, Charlotte Rhea


Jul. 2 – 25                           Les Miley, Ardelia Williams

                                             Les Miley, Ardelia Williams


Aug. 1 – 15                         Summer Crafts Workshop Show


Aug. 29 – Sept. 17            Gary H. Brown

                                             Gary H. Brown


Oct.                                     Anniversary Group Exhibition


Sept. 19 – Oct. 8               Paintings, Ronn Johnson

                                             Ronn Johnson


Oct. 31 – Nov. 21             Fabrications

                                             Carolyn Dehoff, Gail Jacobsen, Reneé Mavigliano, Kathy Sanjabi


Dec.                                     Christmas Group Exhibition

1975 Exhibitions


Oct. 29                                Opening Group Exhibition

                                             35 Midwestern Artists


Nov. 22                               Gary Settle, Associated Press Photographer of the Year

                                             Gary Settle


Dec.                                     Christmas Group Exhibition

                                             50 Artists

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