University of Southern Indiana


1999 Exhibitions

Seminar XV
Jan. 7 – 30 Seminar 15 Exhibition

shot of interior room
Feb. 7 – Mar. 24 Lonnie Graham Installations and Photographs
Lonnie Graham

3 ceramic sculptures
Mar. 28 – May 5 Yih-Wen Kuo, Anita Powell, Joseph Kress
Yih-Wen Kuo, Anita Powell, Joseph Kress

Kim Hoffmann Robin Davis
May 9 – Jun. 16 Kim Hoffman, Robin Davis
Kim Hoffman, Robin Davis

Pam Black Bonnie Zimmer
Jun. 20 – Aug. 4 Pam Black, Bonnie Zimmer (Front Gallery)
Pam Black, Bonnie Zimmer

Civil Disobedience
Jun. 20 – Aug. 4 Civil Disobedience: an exhibition of contemporary art (Back Gallery)
Jude Heichelbech, Lenny Dowhie, Eugenia Woolman, Robert Peppers, Rodney Hatfield, Alicia Bailey

image of a wooden life jacket
Aug. 8 – Sept. 19 Eric Nordgulen
Eric Nordgulen

Ann Lannert Thomas McKee
Sept. 25 – Nov. 6 Ann Lannert, Thomas McKee
Ann Lannert, Thomas McKee

image of a partial face infront of an abstract painting
Nov. 13 – Dec. 19 Excerpts from the Barefoot Museum: The Work of Milton Figen
Milton Figen

1998 Exhibitions

Seminar Eight
Jan. 6 – 31 Seminar Eight

Kristen Rogers Joel Whitaker
Feb. 8 – Mar. 18 Kristin Rogers and Joel Whitaker
Kristin Rogers, Joel Whitaker

Margo Ken John Siblik
Mar. 22 – Apr. 27 Margo Kren and John Siblik
Margo Kren, John Siblik

David Bower Kerri Mehringer
May 3 – Jun. 10 David Bower and Kerri Mehringer
David Bower, Kerri Mehringer

tall ceramic tea pot
Jun. 14 – Jul. 22 Brad Schwieger
Brad Schwieger

image of a kenetic umbrella sculpture
Jul. 25 – Sept. 8 “Maquettes, Machines and Memory Boxes” An exhibition of sculpture and outdoor installation
Gregory Hull

Jane Calvin "shh" 1997, C Print, 24"x20". Tony Wright "yellow goard jar" 1997, porcelaine, glaze, gold leaf, 11.5"x11"
Sept. 15 – Oct. 28 Jane Calvin, Tony Wright
Jane Calvin, Tony Wright

Art Tour 98
Oct. 18 Art Tour 98
Katie Waters, Les Miley, John and Kathy McNaughton, Carol Carithers, Dr. Thomas and Mary Topper

2 images of houses in diferent media styles
Nov. 1 – Dec. 22 Yasha Persson and Dallas Walters
Yasha Persson, Dallas Walters

1997 Exhibitions

Seminar X
Jan. 7 – 31 Seminar X

4 paintings of different women
Feb. 2 – Mar. 12 Miriam Hill, Debra Clem, Erin Palmer, Jennifer Shircliff
Miriam Hill, Debra Clem, Erin Palmer, Jennifer Shircliff

installation image of cow tails dyed black and white constructed as a wave
Mar. 22 – May 7 Sad Wave
Malcolm Cochran

Dornith Doherty John Nelson
May 24 – Jun. 26 Dornith Doherty, John Nelson
Dornith Doherty, John Nelson

Dan Addington Cathy Cooper Patterson
Jun. 29 – Aug. 6 Dan Addington, Cathy Cooper Patterson
Dan Addington, Cathy Cooper Patterson

snow globe with the american flag
Aug. 10 – Sept. 17 William Harroff
William Harroff

mesoamerican image with a skull mask
Sept. 21 – Oct. 29 Michael Aakhus
Michael Aakhus

Robert Peppers
Nov. 2 – Dec. 23 “Manifestations: Mixed Media Assemblages” An exhibition by Robert Peppers
Robert Peppers

1996 Exhibitions

Seminar Twelve
Jan. 7 – 31 Seminar Twelve

Ana England Cheonae Kim
Feb. 4 – Mar. 20 Ana England, Cheonae Kim
Ana England, Cheonae Kim

Evans Woolen/ Selected works, 1963-1996 This retrospective of one of Indiana's premier architects will include sketches, drawings, models and photographs that span Woollen's forty year career. From Clowes hall at Butler University to the current renovation of the Rapp Granary/David Dale Owen Laboratory in New harmony, the process of the achitect will be explored.
Mar. 23 – May 15 “Evans Woollen/Selected Works, 1963 – 1996”
Evans Woollen

Peggy Shaw Russell Weedman
May 19 – Jul. 3 Peggy Shaw, Russell Weedman
Peggy Shaw, Russell Weedman

Serarating Self: Art about identity from the robert j. shiffler collection
Jul. 13 – Aug. 21 “Separating Self: Art About Identity” from the Robert J. Shiffler Collection

Painting of an empty pool in winter at daybreak
Aug. 25 – Oct. 2 “Night and Day”
Kathryn Waters

Oct. 6 – Nov. 13 Installation
Elizabeth Mesa-Gaido

Eugenia Woolman Hua Lee
Nov. 16 – Dec. 21 Hua Lee, Eugenia Woolman
Hua Lee, Eugenia Woolman

1995 Exhibitions

Seminar Eight
Jan. 8 – 31 Seminar Eight

Into the Woods Ken Luymes Don Taylor
Feb. 5 – Mar. 22 “Into the Woods”
Ken Luymes, Don Taylor

Mar. 23 – May 20 (No Record)

Mark Anthony Mulligan
May 21 – Jul. 2 “Urban Markers”
Mark Anthony Mulligan

image of a ceramic jar
Jul. 9 – Aug. 23 “Thirty Years in Utopia” a retrospective celebrating 30 years of the New Harmony Ceramics Workshop
Les Miley

Robert J. Brandt John McNaughton
Aug. 27 – Oct. 1 “Recollections”
John McNaughton, Robert J. Brandt

Image of a quilt
Oct. 5 – Nov. 4 ‘Womenspeak’ 29 textile artists inspired by writers
Ann Albertson, Christin Brown, Marilyn Chaffee, Susan Cochran, Mary Colton, Martha Cram, Deanna Davis, Marilyn Davis, Sharon Doyle, Maggie Godwin, Carol Harvey, Virginia Harvey, Jan Inouye, Beth Karjala, Joan Kolostian, Babs Levine, Judy Mathieson, Anita Luvera Mayer, Norah McMeeking, Barbara Peters, Ann Rhode, Pat Scoville, Charlene Anderson-Shea, Janet Shore, Patty B. Smith, Nancy Taylor, Mary Temple, Cyrena Wilson, Heather Winslow

Nov. 11 – Dec. 23 Installation
Gary Passanise

1994 Exhibitions

Seminar Ten
Jan. 9 – 31 Seminar Ten

Gaela A Erwin Kyle D. Blevins J. Deryll Von Gunten
Feb. 6 – Mar. 30 “A Look in the Mirror: Artists’ Self-Portraits”
Kyle D. Blevins, Gaela A. Erwin, J. Deryll Von Gunten

A Taste of Fiber: The Polish Experience
Apr. 3 – May 18 A Taste of Fiber: The Polish Experience
Magdelena Abakanowicz, Zofia Butrymowicz, Lilla Kulka, Jolanta Owidzka, Urszula Plewka-Schmidt, Stefan Poplawski, Agnieszka Ruszczynska-Szafranska, Anna Urbanowicz-Krowacka

Chris Berti Ron Isaacs
May 22 – Jul. 6 la Vie Morte (still life)
Chris Berti, Ron Isaacs

installation shot of a haphazardly constructed clock tower
Jul. 10 – Aug. 24 John W. Ford installation & prints
John W. Ford

abstract composite print
Aug. 28 – Oct. 12 Susan Sensemann installation
Susan Sensemann

"Utopian Visions"
Oct. 16 – Nov. 16 “Utopian Visions” Art Education Association of Indiana 1994 Regional Juried Exhibition
Juror: Barry Blinderman, Director, Illinois State University Galleries

Ingrid V. Arneberg Charlotte Rollman
Nov. 20 – Dec. 24 “Eastern Influence”
Ingrid V. Arneberg, Charlotte Rollamn

1993 Exhibitions

 Seminar Seven
Jan. 10 – 31 Seminar Seven

abstracted image
Feb. 7 – Mar. 17 “Spiritual Upheaval” new drawings and prints
David Morrison

Michael Onken Craig McDaniel
Mar. 21 – Apr. 28 Craig McDaniel, Michael Onken
Craig McDaniel, Michael Onken

Celebrate the year of american craft 1993 trends and traditions
May 2 – Jun. 30 Celebrate The Year of American Craft 1993 Trends and Traditions
Dobree Adams, Arturo Alonzo Sandoval, Tom Turner, Janet Ayako Neuwalder, Paul Hermann, Phillip R. Tennant, Fiona R. Clark, William Carlson, William Duffy, Ana England, Roberta Elliot, Myra Mimlitsch Gray

Dale Enochs Christine H. Flavin
Jul. 11 – Aug. 18 Christine H. Flavin Photographs, Dale Enochs Sculpture
Christine H. Flavin, Dale Enochs

Luis Gonzalez Palma
Aug. 29 – Oct. 6 Luis Gonzalez Palma Photographs
Luis Gonzalez Palma

You are invited to a very special slide/video presentation by new yprl artist Shu Lea Cheang
Sep. 8 Slide/video presentation
Shu Lea Cheang

The Indiana Decade, 1814-1824: Industries, Crafts and Products of Harmony Society Scholle House
Oct. 10 – Nov. 10 Dwellings of the Soul
Becca Conrad, Calvin Kimborough, Nelia Kimbrough

Collaged composite image
Nov. 14 – Dec. 23 “Selections from Bart’s Art Permanent Collection: a portrait of an artist through his private collection” An Installation by Bart Kasten
Bart Kasten

1992 Exhibitions

Seminar eight
Jan. 5 – 29 Seminar Eight

university of southern indiana/ new harmony gallery of contemporary art visiting artist program john w. ford
Jan. 27 – 29 USI/New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art Visiting Artist Program
John. W. Ford

cloaked figure seated with a shadow box for torso containing a violin and tiny chair
Feb. 2 – Mar. 15 Siona J. Benjamin
Siona J. Benjamin

s. clay furches dale leys
Mar. 23 – Apr. 22 S. Clay Furches, Dale Leys
S. Clay Furches, Dale Leys

crayon portraits
Apr. 26 – May 27 DRAYA (Darrel Ray Allen)
Darrel Ray Allen

"African/American/Images" curated by Willis Bing Davis
May 31 – Jun. 30 “African/American/Images”
Curator: Willis Bing Davis
Jon O. Lockard, Ed Hamilton, Mariella Owens, Williams C. Taylor, Pheoris West, Kevin J. Wilson

Pavlovic Clayton
Jul. 12 – Aug. 19 Ronald V. Clayton, MIlutin Pavlovic Paintings
Ronald V. Clayton, MIlutin Pavlovic

Lenny Dowhie sculpture
Aug. 23 – Sept. 30 Leonard E. Dowhie Jr.
Leonard E. Dowhie Jr.

Ladies Lunch Exploring the tradition
Oct. 4 – Nov. 18 LADIES LUNCH: Exploring the Tradition
Ann Stewart Anderson, Joyce Garner, Susan Moffett, Wendi Smith

Dana Goodman Sarojini Jha Jphnson
Nov. 22 – Dec. 31 Dana Goodman, Sarojini Jha Johnson
Dana Goodman, Sarojini Jha Johnson

1991 Exhibitions

Seminar Seven
Jan. 6 – 30 Seminar Seven

Ellie Siskind Mark Barone
Feb. 3 – Mar. 13 Mark Barone, Ellie Siskind
Mark Barone, Ellie Siskind

"past adornment" period clothing & accessories from the indiana state museum collection "current adornment" clothing & accessories by regional contemporary artists
Mar. 17 – Apr. 24 “Current Adornment” Clothing & Accessories by Regional Contemporary Artists
Francie Beard, Gnger Bickett, Teresa Callahan, Rene Cigler, First Hand Fabric, Lucy Harvey, Meg Higgins, Joan Lintault, Kathleen May, Anita Mayer, Zephra-May Miller, Marilyn Price, Andrea Rodriguez, Cathy Schenkel, Jeigh Singleton, Andrew Underwood, Visual Professional, Inc.

university of southern indiana/ new harmony gallery of contemporary art visiting artist program
Mar. 25 – 28 USI/New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art Visiting Artist Program
Thomas Hilty Workshop

abstracted landscape image
Apr. 28 – May 29 “Attic Fictions”
Suzanne Mitchell

Gary Gaffney Christopher Ramsay
Jun. 2 – Jul. 7 Gary Gaffney, Christopher Ramsay
Gary Gaffney, Christopher Ramsay

intireor shot with lamp and sculpture
Jul. 14 – Aug. 21 “Seeing Is Believing” a series of peephole boxes
Gerald Guthrie

I will also water with your blood the land wherein you swim even to the mountains: and the rivers shall be full of you
Aug. 25 – Sept. 29 “Keep the Faith”: Jan Peterson Roddy “The Illuminated Book of Revelation” Photograph Series, Lucas Stone Sculpture
Jan Peterson Roddy, Lucas Stone

photo of a women with flower and leave overlays
Oct. 6 – Nov. 13 Karen Thompson Photographs
Karen Thompson

Fred diFrenzi Penny Sisto
Nov. 17 – Dec. 22 Fred diFrenzi, Penny Sisto
Fred diFrenzi, Penny Sisto

1990 Exhibitions

black and white photo of a wall of the atheneum
Jan. 7 – 30 Atheneum Invitational
Michael Aakus, Larry Barnfield, John Begley, Eric Braysmith, Bill Brown, Nancy Burch, Deborah Burdick, Shannon Corrigan, Elizabeth Davis, Dennis Deusner, Anne Dowhie, Lenny Dowhie, Ruth Doyle, Tim Fitzgerald, Stephanie Fuelling, Clay Furches, Janice Greene, Pamela Johnson, Calvin Kimbrough, Nelia Kimbrough, Carolee Kinkel, David Knepper, Don Ledbetter, Bill Leth, Deborah Leth, Janet Lorrence, John McNaughton, Les Miley, Tish Mumford, John Reynolds, Carolyn Roth, Teresa Roy, Tim Rutherford, Katie Slater, Breeze Sobek, William Sovern, Mark Timmis, Curt Uebelhor, Katie Waters, Ellen Wedeking, Connie Weinzapfel

Cheryl Cummings King Brian Harrison Jones
Feb. 4 – Mar. 7 Cheryl Cummings King, Brian Harrison Jones
Cheryl Cummings King, Brian Harrison Jones

Furnishing Art
Mar. 11 – Apr. 14 “Furnishing Art”
Curator: Paul Sasso
Steve Bishop, John Bradley, Hershel Cook, Tim Cox, Ron Dale, Tom Eckert, David Gobert, David Jackson, Gary Lopicolo, Pete Malinoski, Cathy Robinson, Paul Sasso, Brent Skidmore, Jo Stone, Michael Turner, Rick Waters, Martin Welch, Trent Whitington

university of southern indiana liberal arts forum present sibylle badstuebner proffessor of art history, academy of arts and sciences, east berlin
Mar. 29 – Apr. 3 USI Liberal Arts Forum and Reception
Sibylle Badstuebner

new harmony gallery of contemporary ary and university of southenr indiana department of art present a special public lecture by william struve, struve gallery, chicago
Apr. 18 Public Lecture and Reception
William Struve

Farr Hunt
Apr. 22 – May 6 Farr/Hunt
Warren Farr, Daniel Hunt

May 20 – Jun. 30 Beauty & Truth: the graphic works of Czechoslovakian artist Jiří Anderle
Jiří Anderle

on sign sign off
Jul. 8 – Aug. 22 On Sign Sign Off: A Gallery Installation
Kaiti Slater

billy hertz sarah k roush
Aug. 26 – Oct. 3 Billy Hertz, Sarah K. Roush
Billy Hertz, Sarah K. Roush

Janet Ballweg Tony Kukich
Oct. 7 – Nov. 14 Janet Ballweg, Tony Kukich
Janet Ballweg, Tony Kukich

Hilary Eddy Betsy Morris
Nov. 18 – Dec. 24 Hilary Eddy, Betsy Morris
Hilary Eddy, Betsy Morris

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