University of Southern Indiana


2009 Exhibitions

Re-routing by Carey McDougall
Jan. 17 – Mar. 7 Re-Routing: Carey McDougall
Carey McDougall

image of two floral painted saws
Mar. 14 – Apr. 26 Cockleburs and Pleasantries
Summer Zickefoose

in finite definition
May 2 – May 31 In Finite Definition
Adrian Hatfield, Joe Meiser

New Harmony in Review
Jun. 6 – Jul. 12 New Harmony in Review
Catherine Hmurovich, John David Mooney, Anne Tichenor Schaller, Arthur Schaller, Kent Schuette

large construction of conected cubes
Jul. 18- Aug. 16 Cubeular
Josh Rodenberg

rowland ricketts immanent blue
Aug. 22 – Oct. 4 immanent blue
Rowland Ricketts

Print Invitational 2009
Oct. 10 – Nov. 15 Print Invitational 2009

cuatro amigos en armonia
Nov. 21 – Dec. 31 cuatro amigos en armonía
Dan Brawner, Roger Clayton, Alexis Holeman, Griffin Norman

2008 Exhibitions

typographical mona lisa
Feb. 16 – 26 University of Southern Indiana Senior Seminar I
Mar. 1 – 11 University of Southern Indiana Senior Seminar II

Safe For A Century
Mar. 22 – Apr. 27 Bluer Pastures
Ilona Granet

picture of a soft sculpture
May 3 – Jun. 15 Seep
Elissa Cox

Body & Spirit
Jun. 21 - Aug. 3 Body & Spirit
Phillip Chan, Adam Fleming

Art & Soul Gulf Coast Recovery Through the Arts
Aug. 9 – Sept. 21 Art & Soul
Gulf Coast Artists

metal shelf construct with yellow and green pannels
Sept. 27 – Nov. 2 Eric Tucker
Eric Tucker

interior photo of a library
Nov. 8 – Dec. 27 Interior: Photographs by Andrea Hoelscher
Andrea Hoelscher

2007 Exhibitions

image of a cross word puzzle
Jan. 6 - 17 University of Southern Indiana Senior Seminar I
Jan. 20 - 31 University of Southern Indiana Senior Seminar II

sketch of simplified rabbits
Feb. 10 – Mar. 24 D.I.C.K.
Cheonae Kim & Artists Collective

Petra Kralickova & Michal Lile
Mar. 31 – May 13 Petra Kralickova and Michal Lile
Petra Kralickova and Michal Lile

multi panelled abstracted images
May 19 – Jul. 1 O Reader
Jim Cogswell

Indiana Rural Tapestries by Laura Foster Nicholson
Jun. 2 – 24 Indiana Rural
Laura Foster Nicholson

blue and grey spiked belt or tutu
Jul. 7 – Aug. 19 Body Scale: large Scale Adornment
Jesse Mathes

figure made of matchsticks holding a stirring wheel
Aug. 25 – Oct. 7 Robert Millard-Mendez
Robert Millard-Mendez

And Warhol Silver Clouds
 Nov. 17– Jan. 31, 2008 Silver Clouds
 Andy Warhol

2006 Exhibitions

2006 Senior ArtSeminar Where Digital and Fine Art Merge
Jan. 7 – 21 USI 2006 Senior Art Seminar: Where Digital and Fine Art Merge
Exhibition I
Jan. 25 – Feb. 4 USI 2006 Senior Art Seminar: Where Digital and Fine Art Merge
Exhibition II

image and barefoot figures wraped in yellow, black, brown, white, and red tape
Feb. 11 – Mar. 25 Losing Race
Adam Davis

mixed media print of a couple and street signs
Apr. 1 – May 14 “Signs of Migration”
Jason Baldwin

black and white photo of two people walking in the woods
June 6 – Jul. 2 Blake Cook
Blake Cook

Matt Billman The Great Shriner Race featuring Tokyo vs. Godzilla
Jul. 8 – Aug. 20 “The Great Shriner Race”
Matt Billman

painting of a lamp on a desk near a window as the sun sets
Aug. 26 – Oct. 1 At Home and Abroad
Kathryn Waters

Oct. 8 – Nov. 5 Utopiana

Nov. 18 – 26 Jason Reese

Print Invitational 2006
Dec. 2 – 24 Print Invitational 2006
Curtis Uebelhor, Annie Dowhie, Ann Lannert, Michael Aakus, Janet Lorence, John Begley, Erich Shelton, Eric Braysmith, Janice Greene, Cedric Hustace, Charlie Spear, Carolyn Roth, Laura Walker, Jason Baldwin, Jon Siau, Les Miley, Herb Talley, Tom Williams, Jonathan Walker, Doyle Dean, Claire Helfrich, Beth Stofleth, Mark Fowler, Tom Wintczak, Lennie Dowhie, Keith Armstrong

2005 Exhibitions

2005 Senior Seminar Shows Look out world...
Jan. 8 – 20 USI 2005 Senior Seminar Show Exhibition I
Jan. 25 – Feb. 5 USI 2005 Senior Seminar Show Exhibition II

painting of a young couple
Feb. 12 – Mar. 27 Wedding Bells

Kenneth Hayden & James Mellick man's best friend
Apr. 2 – May 15 Man’s Best Friend
Kenneth Hayden, James Mellick

Please join David and Vicki Campbell and New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art in welcoming internationally renowned artist Mary Beth Edelson to New harmony Friday, May 20, 2005 6-8 p.m. for cocktails 704 Church Street new Harmony, Indiana R.S.V.P. by May 17 812.682.3156
May 20 Mary Beth Edelson Reception

Celebrating 30 years!
May 21 – Jun. 30 30th Anniversary Exhibition
Mary Beth Edelson, Ann Lannert, Cheonae Kim, Karen Thompson, Carole Loeffler, Rick Paul

Contemporary landscapes
Jul. 9 – Aug. 14 Forging New Ground: Contemporary Landscapes
Larry Graham, Nancy Nichols, Sharon Howerton-Leightty, Brian Taylor

Hui-Chu Ying
Aug. 20 – Oct. 2 Hui-Chu Ying
Hui-Chu Ying

abstracted purple and bronze image
Oct. 8 – Nov. 13 Stephen Lucas
Stephen Lucas

Nov. 17 Stephen Pace – Art Through Life (Documentary Film and Lecture)
Stephen Pace

wild Women
Nov. 19 – Dec. 24 Wild Women
Sarah Shoot, Jane Case Vickers, Amy Rich, Judith Bush

2004 Exhibitions

before we go our separate ways... SENIOR SEMINAR EXHIBIT
Jan. 10 – Feb. 8 USI Senior Seminar Exhibition

Power of Two
Feb. 14 – Mar. 28 Judith Rice: Power of Two
Judith Rice

An invitational exhibit of art and other activities using electronic tools of our time Digital Media Exhibition April 3-May 16, 2004
Apr. 3 – May 16 Digital Media Exhibition (Invitational)

image of a flower
May 22 – Jun. 27 Wendy Dixon
Wendy Dixon

close up shot of an upholsterd chair
Jul. 3 – Aug. 15 Stephen Litchfield
Stephen Litchfield

Prima Facie
Aug. 21 – Oct. 3 Prima Facie

Michael Aakhus sabbatical exhibition
Oct. 9 – Nov. 14 Sabbatical Exhibition
Michael Aakhus

20/20/20 Print Invitational 2004
Nov. 20 – Dec. 19 Print Invitational 2004
Michael Aakus, Petronella Bannier, Matt Billman, Barbara Bosco, William Brown, Cecile Broz, Deborah Burdick, Patricia Cole, Rita Gooding Davis, Doyle Dean, Amy Delap, Cedric Hustace, Shirley A. Kern, Ann Lannert, Rodney Myers, Gail Otterson, James Parrent, Clem Penrose, Nancy Peters, Curt Uebelhor
Celebrity participants: Wayne Hart, Jeff Lyons

2003 Exhibitions

Senior Seminar Show 2003
Jan. 11 – Feb. 9 USI Senior Seminar Show

image of patrick dougherty sculpture
Apr. 5 – May 11 Documentary Photographs
Patrick Dougherty

Laura Foster Nicholson
May 17 – Jun. 29 Laura Foster Nicholson
Laura Foster Nicholson

Jul. 5 – Aug. 9 FLOW
Shirley Kern

Carol Fleming
Oct. 4 – Nov. 8 Carol Fleming
Carol Fleming

About Face: Contemporary Portraits
Nov. 15 – Dec. 21 About Face: Contemporary Portraits
Mary Newton

2002 Exhibitions

New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art Seminar Show 2002
Jan. 12 – Feb. 2 The Seminar Show: An Exhibition by the Senior Art Seminar Class of USI

2 sculptures by Kristy Deetz and William Kolok
Feb. 9 – Mar. 16 Kristy Deetz and William Kolok: encaustic and sculpture
Kristy Deetz, William Kolok

2 sculptures by McNaughton and Dowhie
Mar. 23 – May 4 John McNaughton and Lenny Dowhie: wood and ceramics
John McNaughton, Lenny Dowhie

Small Works Invitational
May 11 – Jun. 22 Small Works Invitational
Nora Sturges, Clayton Peterson, M. M. Dupay

Jun. 28 – Aug. 3 Photography: Gary Cawood & Tom Stio
Gary Cawood, Tom Stio

Aug. 10 – Sep. 21 Painting: Ben Dallas & Timothy Van Laar
Ben Dallas, Timothy Van Laar

From the Forms: Three Contemporary Mexican Artists
Sep. 28 – Nov. 2 From the Forms: Three Contemporary Mexican Artists
Martha Del Castillo, Miguel Peraza, Jorge Riquelme Lavalle

Print invitational 2002
Nov. 9 – Dec. 21 Print Invitational 2002
Michael Aakus, Chuck Armstrong, Nel Bannier, John Begley, Matt Billman, William Brown, Cecile Broz, Deborah Burdick, Blake Cook, Doyle Dean, Amy DeLap, Anne Dowhie, Lenny Dowhie, Janice Greene, Brandon Gardner, Mary Hambly, Christopher Herndon, David Huebner, Joan Kempf, Donna Kohlmeyer, Ann Lannert, Ralph Larman, Mayor Russ Lloyd Jr., Janet Lorence, Rodney Myers, Erika Myers-Bromwell, Gail Otterson, Gary Passanise, Carolyn Roth, John Siblik, Margaret Skoglund, Joe Smith, Jonathan Soard, William H. Thielen, Joseph Uduehi, Curt Uebelhor, Katie Waters

2001 Exhibitions

Seminar Show
Jan. 6 – Feb. 3 Seminar Show

flower painting
Feb. 10 – Mar. 17 Wall Flowers 1999 - 2001
Mel Watkin

Karen Baldner
Mar. 24 – May 5 “Dis-memberment and Re-membering” Installations and Drawings
Karen Baldner

Dana Saulnier
May 12 – Jun. 23 Dana Saulnier Paintings
Dana Saulnier

Jun. 30 – Aug. 4 Portraits
Nancy Plotkin, Petronella Bannier, Julia Hechtman

Aug. 11 – Sep. 22 Surface: Structure and Substance
Textiles for the New Millenium
Jerry Bleem, Marilyn Gillis, Suzanne Hesh, Ann Baddeley Keister, Elizabeth Kuhn, Christine Lomax, Lana Lowenkamp, Nava Lubelski, Martha Donovan Opdahl, Jeung-Hwa Park, Teresa Paschke, Kim Ritter, Natasha St. Michael, Caprice Pierucci Taniguchi, Vickie VanFechtmann, Jane Case Vickers, Patricia Williams, Gayle Williamson

Tanja Softic "thr memory folios (desire)" Caroline Kahler "metamorphosis III - bottom view"
Sep. 29 – Nov. 10 Caroline Kahler and Tanja Softić
Caroline Kahler, Tanja Softić

flower painting
Nov. 17 – Dec. 22 Amy Falstrom: painting and drawing
Amy Falstrom

2000 Exhibitions

The Seminar Show
Jan. 6 – 29 “The Seminar Show”

James Nestor Donald Stahlke
Feb. 5 – Mar. 18 James Nestor and Donald Stahlke
James Nestor, Donald Stahlke

Mar. 19 – May 19 (No Record)

blue black and white color field painting
May 20 – Jun. 24 “Transmissions” An Exhibition of Recent Paintings
Donald Groscost

ink drops
Jun. 30 – Aug. 12 “Mountain Waits”: An Installation by Lam Nguyen
Lam Nguyen

image of a soft scuplture
Aug. 19 – Sept. 30 “brown”: An Exhibition of Fiber Sculpture
Ann Coddington Rast

Print 2000
Oct. 7 – Nov. 11 Print 2000
Michael Aakus, Chuck Armstrong, Karen Baldner, Nel Bannier, John Begley, Matt Billman, Bill Brown, Cecile Broz, Debbie Burdick, Patricia Cole, Blake Cook, Amy Delap, Anne Dowhie, Lenny Dowhie, Brandon Gardner, Janice Greene, Mary Hambly, Chris Herndon, Jon Hittner, David Huebner, John Jeffery, Kim Kurdelak, Ann Lannert, Ralph Larman, Janet Lorence, Martha MacLeish, Charlene Marsh, Sara Steffey McQueen, Rodney Myers, Lucian Nicholson, Gail Otterson, Bruce Pearl, Yuri Reshanov, Carolyn Roth, Steve Satterfield, John Siblik, Margaret Skoglund, Joe Smith, Jonathan Soard, Bill Thielen, Curt Uebelhor, Joseph Uduehi, Vicki VanFechtman, Heather Vickers, Katie Waters, Eugenia Woolman

Martha Kaplan Shared Rooms Kurt Gohde
Nov. 18 – Dec. 22 Shared Rooms (Installations)
Kurt Gohde, Martha Kaplan

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