University of Southern Indiana


2019 Exhibitions

Residence III

Sydney Ewerth, Vlad Basarab, Donna Causland, Misty Gamble, Blaze Buseth, and Marina Kuchinski

A Showcase of artists from the New Harmony Clay Project located at the Sarah Campbell Blaffer Ceramic Studio.

Louisville Link March 16 - April 26 Kayla Bischoff Letitia Quesenberry amy Chase Patrick Donley Kenneth Hayden Waller Austin KCY szwedzinski

Louisville Link 

A sample of artwork from Louisville, KY, based artists: Waller Austin, Kayla Bischoff, Amy Chase, Patrick Donley, Kenneth Hayden, Letitia Quesenberry, and KCJ Szwedzinski

Record of Memory May 10 - June 22 Conner Green Elisa harkins Yvette Mayorga Osamu James Nakagawa Carl Pope

Record of Memory 

Conner Green, Elisa Harkins, Yvette Mayorga, Osamu James Nakagawa, and Carl Pope

Curated by Shauta Marsh of Big Car in Indianapolis; part of the Social Alchemy Series.

Childish, Emotionally Insecure and Grandiose Philip Campbell July 6 - August 16

Childish, Emotionally Insecure and Grandiose

Philip Campbell- Quilt installations and wood carvings

Threading My Way Docey Lewis August 24 - October 4

Threading My Way

Docey Lewis- Textiles, collage, and hand made wall coverings

Land Report East 6 Land Report Collective October 12 - November 23 New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art

Land Report East 6


The Land Report Collective deals with landscape as a foundational reference point. This group brings together artists from across the nation. Although each Land Report artist investigates formal and conceptual issues based in the landscape as an individual, the essence of the collective lies in the
intersection between the things each points at – as if pointing to locations like road signs. 


Kristina Arwood, Laura Foster Nicholson, Ashly Heath, Morgana King, Docey Lewis, Betsi Marczak, Dawn Murtaugh, Wendy Turner, Tom Wintczak, Kari Woolsey, and Christina Zimmer Robinson.

 "Praxis" was a physical manifestation and continuation of the dialogue initiated between the panelists and audience of the Marketing Yourself as an Artist event.

Detox December 7, 2019 - January 25, 2020 Juried and curated by bridget eckerle 2019 james sanders gallery fellow new harmony gallery of contemporary art

Detox was an exhibition focusing on the environment. Artists and authors were encouraged to reflect on their experiences in nature, which resulted in many interpretations. A variety of environmental issues such as pollution, destruction of natural resources, animal endangerment and deforestation were depicted in the artwork, as well as imagery of Earth’s natural beauty.

Featured Artists:  Brett Anderson, Eric Braysmith, Lily Cano, Julie-Anna Carlisle, Jenna Citrus, Austin Delano, Alison Erazmus, Ann Fischer, Terri Gilmore, Sky Hartig, Savannah Hoskinson, David Earl Jones, Evan Kisner, Claire Krueger, Docey Lewis, Colette Loehrlein, Brook A. Lowry, Jeanne M. McGinnis, Rob Millard-Mendez, Nancy Raen-Mendez, Jesi Evans Murphy, Dawn Murtaugh, Kameron Nosko, Santiago Ribeiro, Carolyn Roth, Justine Schopmeyer, Aly Smith, Olivia Supper, Josephine Taylor, Mark W. Theriac, Ally Thomas, Wendy G. Turner, Curtis R. Uebelhor, Katherine Watts, Jennifer Weigel, Linda Westfall, and Lacey Wolford

Featured Authors: Jonathan S Baker, Jenna Citrus, Philip J. Kline, Molly Mattingly, Dawn Murtaugh, Sarah Rogers, and Jessica D. Thompson

2018 Exhibitions

the politics of imagination women in illustration curated by sanders fellow theanoe christos

Middle ground april 14 - may 25 amelia vowilier stanley, dan woerner, kate burnet

2017 Exhibitions

Jonathan Becker, January 14-February 18

Disseminator of Useful Knowledge Print Invitational

Becky Alley, Brett Anderson, Marty Azevedo, John Begley, Stephen Black, Jim Bryant, Anne Burton, Justin Cecil, Susanna Crum, Benjy Davies, Kenny DeMoss, Laura Drapac,  Jon Goebel, Nicole Hand, Garry Holstein, Wesley Kramer, Beauvais Lyons, Michael McGovern, Andrew Mullally, Ashley Nason, Erika Navarrete, Chad Nelson, Howard Paine, Joel Peck, Nathan Pietrykowski, Endi Poskovic, Rudy Salgado, Blake Sanders, Hannah Sanders, Tessa Shackleford, Christopher Wallace, Valerie Wallace, and Dillon Wire.

Functional Relationships April 14 - May 27

Juror, Simon Levin, selected 20 groupings from over 100 submissions by local, regional, and national artists. Artists selected for the exhibition include: Lakyn Bowman, Douglas Browe, Ian Connors, Adrienne Eliades, Lynne Hobaica,  Alisa (AL) Holen, Lucien M. Koonce, Norleen Nosri, Brent Pafford, Joshua Primmer, Ali Saunders, Stephanie Seguin, Chance Taylor, Iren Tete, Matthew Wargel, and Zachary Wollert.


Chimel Ford, Susanna Crum, and Rodolfo Salgado from the Louisville. Chimel is a painter whose work focuses on popular culture products and icons. Susanna and Rodolfo are the owners of Calliope Arts studio and gallery which provides learning opportunities and artist sales space for the Louisville community. Megan Kelley is a “A Maker, Do-er, Thinker, Writer, Curator, Happier, Living in Nashville.” who operates under the name Studio Omnivorus. From Cape Girardeau, Blake and Hannah March Sanders are owners of Orange Barrell Industries, which is a collaborative multi-media art production and event organization. Ruth Reese and Kerry Smith are from the St Louis area. Ruth Reese is a ceramic artist and owner of the Reese Gallery in St Louis. Kerry Smith specializes in paintings of record albums and is owner of the graphic design company, Blackdog Creative.

Jonpaul Smith July 29 - August 26

The exhibition was curated by New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art board member, Jeremy Efroymson. In the curatorial statement for the show, Efroymson had the following to say about the selected artists and theme.

“When I think of the Hinterlands, I think of far-away places, places very different from where I live.  The artists in this exhibit, Judy Natal, Christos Koutsouras, Allyson Comstock, and Lori Miles all approach the idea of Hinterlands from different perspectives.

Judy Natal, Professor of Photography at Columbia College Chicago, presents us with images of the Gulf Coast which depict the resilience of the people who live in a hurricane-prone, highly-industrialized area.  The difficulties of living in such a challenging environment are apparent in her photos and video work, and also apparent is the connection to home which makes the people stay despite those difficulties.

Christos Koutsouras, originally from the island of Samos in Greece, now resides in Astoria, Oregon. His usual artistic medium is painting on canvas.  Shifting to installation, video, and photography, he takes to the scorched woods of Samos, the result of a devastating fire in the summer of 2016, to deliver a message of hope for renewal and also a warning against the destructive nature of humans toward the environment.

Allyson Comstock, the Chair of the Art Department at Auburn University, traveled to Antarctica on a National Science Foundation Fellowship at the Palmer Research Station. Her drawings of Antarctica depict a beautiful and sparse land from three different perspectives- far-away, close-up, and intermediate views of a fascinating landscape, reminding us to always examine the perspective we take when viewing far-away lands.

Lori Miles, Professor of Art at DePauw University, (and originally from the Hinterlands of Eastern Washington state) takes a whimsical approach to the Hinterlands and provides a sense of humor to serious issues.  Her work brings to mind the hope that while things at home may not be perfect, there is always the possibility of exotic places and locales where things could be different.”

High tech/low tech Nicole jacquard November 4 - December 15

2016 Exhibitions






June 11 – July 22

Caroline Bottom Anderson, Daniel Anderson. Steve Armstrong. Diane Kahlo. Tiffany Carbonneau. Brian Harper, Lauren Levato Coyne, Rory Coyne, Valerie Eickmeier, Philip Lamie, Jeannie Hulen, Adam Posnak, Tom Kalin, Craig Paul

A Changing Landscape, July 30 - Septeber 11

A Changing Landscape by Indiana Artist Tom Keesee is the first of a two part series meant to highlight the diversity and talent of Indiana Artists during the Bicentennial year. For this series, two important figures in the Indiana Art Community were invited to choose an exhibition for the gallery space during the time leading up to and immediately following the torch relay passing through New Harmony. Mark Ruschman, Chief Curator of Fine Arts for the Indiana State Museum, selected the landscape paintings of Tom Keesee.

Casey Roberts, September 17 - November 5

The exhibition is the second of a two part series meant to highlight the diversity and talent of Indiana artists during the Bicentennial year. For this series, two important figures in the Indiana Arts Community were invited to choose an exhibition for the gallery space during the time leading up to and immediately following the torch relay passing through New Harmony.

New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art board member, Jeremy Efroymson, selected the work of Indianapolis based artist, Casey Roberts. The works are created with a civil war era photo-chemical process known as cyanotype, that when exposed to sunlight gives a vibrant blue image. Roberts experiments with different materials in the process and finishes with added collage and painted elements. This exhibition was possible through the generous support of the Efroymson Family Fund.

Robot Invasion, November 12 - December 17

The exhibition was the result of a collaboration with Tin Man Brewery of Evansville. The show featured works in a variety of media including painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture and video. The exhibition showcased a wide range of artists from student to professional, including several USI students and alumni.   

This exhibition featured local, regional, national, and international artists:

Kelsey Allison & Clay Allison, Kyle Darnell, Davis & Davis, Tylar Dean, Megan Elleser, Melissa Erwin, Whitney Goller, Tara Tierney-Goodson, Randall Griggs, Blythe Noble Hager and Bradley Keen, Mr. Hooper, Lauren Koch, Heather Landry, Noah Laroia-Nguyen, Ryan McKain, Rob Millard-Mendez, Christina Robinson, Kate Ryder,  Brian Simpson, Scott Streets, Travis Streutker, Paul Wiersbinski, Christopher Wilke

2015 Exhibitions




Jennifer Knowles was introduced to bookbinding in 2000, when she took a special topic course in Book Arts. The combination of writing, painting, sewing and tactile materials was seductive, re-awakening a childhood filled with cross-stitch, crochet, reading and watercolor. She has since studied with and assisted book artists from all over the United States.

She is a member of the American Craft Council; the College Book Arts Association; the Tennessee Book Arts Guild and the Tennessee Association of Craft Artists. Jennifer serves as Vice President of Platetone Printmaking, Paper & Book Arts. She was awarded the Tennessee Arts Commission and Tennessee Association of Craft Artists Master Artist and Apprentice Grant for 2012 as well as the Samuel Watkins Award for Excellence in 2009.

She is a community planner; conceiving of and organizing events such as the Handmade & Bound Festival, the Nashville Print Crawl, and other collaborative events between local arts organizations. She teaches Book Arts and Photography at colleges and universities, leads workshops and guest lectures throughout the southeastern United States. Her work is exhibited and collected internationally. Jennifer founded Brown Dog Bindery, named for her Australian Shepherd Nollie, in 2010.

Brian Larimer is a self-taught wood worker and sculptor from Nashville, Tennessee.  He has assisted internationally recognized sculptors with builds and his own works are commissioned by some of Nashville’s biggest names in art and music. Larimer is the Preparator for The Arts Company, one of Nashville’s largest galleries, as well as a musician and songwriter in his own right.


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Apr. 18 – May 29              Faculty Flashback

Michael Aakhus, Lenny Dowie, William Leth, John McNaughton, Carolyn Roth, Kathryn Waters


Jun. 6 – Jul. 17                   Supernatural

Brett Anderson, Lesley Baker, Max Boschini, Emily Budd, Josiah Cazares, Richard Cutshall, Dominc Guarnaschelli, Gary Logan Hobdy, Sean Hoisington, Robert Horvath, Arpád Horváth, Christy Jochum, Sarah Kasch, Heather Landry, Laura Levine, Erich Neitzke, Quincy Owens & Luke Crawley, Andrew Davis, Stefan Petranek, Aaron Pierce, Steven Sickles, Kalli Stylianides, Ingrid Ung, Simon Welch, Kristen Wilkins

Curator: Paula Katz




2014 Exhibitions

layered CD roms 

Jan. 11 – Feb. 22               Infodumps and Datafills

                                             Leticia Bajuyo

photo of a person's shaddow 

Mar. 1 – Apr. 12                  the gazr in U

                                             Maidens of the Cosmic Running

abstracted farm scene 

Apr. 19 – May 30              Displaccement part two: Of Internal Affairs

Ashley Brossart, Gregory Scott Cook, Andrew Cozzens, Ryan Feeney, Mark Keffer, Megan Kociscak, Keith Linton, Matthew Loeser, Shawn Marshall, Adrienne Miller, Rebecca Norton, Ian Shelly, Tommy Taylor, Alli Wiles, Alice Pixley Young, Maria Zaikina

Curator: Stacey Reason

two men carrying a third man on a chair with decorative thought bubbles 

Jun. 7 – Jul. 19

The Collected Past

 Hollie Chastain

embroidery of seven legged deer like creatures and people 

Jul. 26 – Sept. 2

Disputed Likenesses

Eames Demetrios

 Print of a burmese Lion Hawk chimera

Oct. 4 – Nov. 14                Semiosphere

Kurt Anderson, Joan deJong, Beauvais Lyons, Rob Millard-Mendez, Ashley Nason, Adam Posnak, Casey Roberts, Andrew Scott Ross                

         print invitational postcard                    

Nov. 22 – Dec. 24             Bicentennial Print Invitational

Michael Aakus, Brett Anderson, Marwin Bagaye, Kevin Bowman, Ana Cortes, Laura Drapac, Catherine Dreiss, James Elhers, Eleanor Erskine, Neal Harrington, Tammy Harrington, Garry Holstein, Matt Hopson, Brian Kelly, Ashton Ludden, Michelle Martin, Becca McConnell, Mike McGovern, Erich Neitzke, Nuno Nunez, Meghan O’Conner, Tracy Otten, John Timothy Pizzuto, Brandon Sanderson, Blake Sanders, Amanda Sibrel, Brian Shannon, Rob Stephens, Valerie Wallace, David Warren, Erik Waterkotte, Richard Wenrich



2013 Exhibitions

grafitied image with roses 

Feb. 9 – Mar. 10


Teresa Paschke

textured spheres on sand 

Mar. 16 – May 8               Roliqueries

                                             Amy Brier

 8 photos of people holding thier breath

May 18 – Jun. 23               Andrew Cozzens

                                             Andrew Cozzens

 gallery shot of a sculpture and painting

Jun. 29 – Aug. 18              The Grand Armada

                                             Smith Townsend Collaborative

 collaged images

Aug. 24 – Sept. 30            Retrospective

                                             Bill Whorrall

distressed p[hoto of an old man and an abstract mixed media dipiction of a heart 

Oct. 5 – Nov. 18                Sara J. Northerner  Vesna Jovanovic

                                             Sara J. Northerner, Vesna Jovanovic

image of white ceramic spikes ontop of a smooth black ceramic bowl 

Nov. 23 – Dec. 27             The Functional Metaphor

                                             Alisa (Al) Holen

2012 Exhibitions

illustration of two men boxing 

Jan. 7 – Feb. 11                 Indiana Days Kentucky Nights

                                             Andrew Kosten

thumbnail images of 10 portraits 

Feb. 18 – Mar. 17             Forms of I.D.

Gray Lyons, Morgan Ford, Ben Duke, Steven Labadessa, Christopher Olszewski

 illustration of vultures preying on a deer

Apr. 14 – May 27              Scraping the Bowl

                                             Juan Angel Chávez

pattern of colors 

Jun. 2 – Jul. 8                     Accumulations

                                             Melanie Pankau

 image of heavily textured sculpture

Jul. 14 – Aug. 19 Ray Chen

                          Ray Chen

image of globed embroderies on a chair 

Aug. 25 – Sept. 30            Solace in the Commonplace

                                             Jennifer Halvorson, Cortney Boyd

image of a tree infront of a yellow wall 

Oct. 6 – Nov. 11                Intervention Landscapes

                                             Armin Mühsam

image of a woven sculpture 

Nov. 17 – Dec. 24             Threaded Interface

                                             Annica Cupetelli

2011 Exhibitions

The word Bling with pink and red stone jewelry 

Jan. 8 – Feb. 5                   BLING (Art Jewelry from the Collection of Doris Murdoch)

                                             Doris Murdoch

 interior gallery shot

Feb. 12 – Mar. 19             Harvesting Our Sun…and the Milky Way Galaxy Sculpture

                                             John David Mooney

 when words aren't enough

Mar. 26 – May 7               And Red is the Earth…

                                             Anila Agha

 east west a global look at capitalism

May 14 – Jun. 18               EA$T/WE$T: A Global Look at Capitalism

                                             Priscilla Briggs, Jennifer Lock, Mary Ann Michna, Dylan Miner

image of a flower painting and a wooden bench 

Jun. 25 – Aug. 14              Curt Schmitt and John Spurgin

                                             Curt Schmitt, John Spurgin

image of a house with a green tree outline over top 

Aug. 20 – Sept. 24            Bicentennial House Design Competition   


Oct. 1 – Nov. 12                PullSpeedCrashPunch: an exhibition about violence

                                             Doreen Maloney, Regina Mamore, Antonio Martinez

                                             Curator: Alison Erazmus

 human figures with animal heads

Nov. 19 – Dec. 24             All in the Family

                                             Lenny Dowie, Dowie’s former students

2010 Exhibitions

brave new world 

Jan. 9 – Feb. 20                 USI Emerging Artist Alumni: BRAVE NEW WORLD

                                             Clint Bosler, Christian Ethridge, Amy Moore, David Rigdon

 feminist art of indiana

Feb. 27 – Apr. 3                 Feminist Art of Indiana

                                             Juror: Esther Adler

 picture of birds on a powerline

Apr. 10 – May 16              The New Birds of New Harmony

                                             Brian Collier

 yellow and green cut out of truck and a masked male figure

May 22 – Jul. 3                  Objective Memories

                                             Joseph D-Uva, Jacinda Russell

 Liberties of construction: form, content & color

Jul. 10 – Aug. 15 Liberties of Construction: Form, Content & Color

                                             Katherine Taylor, Billy Hertz

contemporary glass 

Aug. 21 – Sept. 26            Contemporary Glass        

                                             Jiyong Lee, Carmen Lozar, Amy Rueffert, Matt Urban

 painting of two people, a bull in water, and a tree

Oct. 1 – Nov. 14                Continuum

                                             Carolyn Roth

image of a labrynth made in the sand on a coastal beach 

Nov. 20 – Dec. 24             Jim Buchanan: Land Artist, Installation and Exhibition

                                             Jim Buchanan

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