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Crane Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC Crane) is a shore command of the U.S. Navy whose mission is to harness the power of technology through engineering and technical support for the Warfighter. This partnership exists to benefit USI students and faculty, NSWC Crane, and the regional community. 

PIA Signing

In 2015, USIand NSWC Crane renewed their partnership with the signing of a Partnership Intermediary Agreement (PIA) by President L. M. Bennett and Captain Jeffrey “JT” Elder.

“Our relationship with NSWC Crane has elevated our University as a nationally-recognized best practice in technology transfer from the Department of Defense,” said Bennett. “We continue to collaborate on strategic initiatives in order to develop a strong ecosystem for innovation in the southern Indiana region.”

Some of the strategic initiatives produced from the USI-Crane partnership include:

  • Developing a state model for Rural Tech Commercialization, supported by the Indiana Office of Defense Development.
  • Ensuring a more direct transfer and commercialization of Crane technologies, by understanding the needs of industry and consumer markets using a Commercialization Discovery Process.
  • Supporting partnership efforts through a variety of credit and non-credit programs recently submitted for state approval: BS in Physics and BS in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Enhancing personnel exchange programs, where USI faculty would work directly with Crane scientists to better understand their technologies and applications and Crane personnel would be available to teach as adjuncts and mentor the emerging workforce.
  • Enhancing both organizations’ innovation processes by utilizing Crane technology and USI Creative Problem Solving tools.

The USI-Crane partnership is supported by the updated PIA in addition to dedicated resources within USI’s Division of Outreach and Engagement. For more information, please call 812-228-5153.

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