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The Growth Alliance for Greater Evansville provides comprehensive support to new and existing businesses to enhance the economic vitality of the City of Evansville and Vanderburgh County.

GAGE provides economic development support and opportunities to the City of Evansville and Vanderburgh County. Partnered with the University of Southern Indiana, GAGE manages Innovation Pointe, a downtown Evansville business incubator and certified technology park. The purpose of this facility is to assist in the creation and sustainability of new businesses within the region, as well as to support innovation and co-working practices in the community.

Located on the second floor of Innovation Pointe, University of Southern Indiana is able to engage with regional organizations, while providing innovative and creative facility spaces.

"USI played a key role in the formation of the Growth Alliance for Greater Evansville (GAGE), and has since become the higher education partner of the organization, helping improve the entrepreneurial and economic development culture of the region. USI does this by providing educational programming, access to university resources, and economic development tools."

USI Partnership, Growth Alliance of Greater Evansville

Innovation Pointe, 318 Main St. Evansville IN


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