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Registration of Service-Learning Course

The USI Service-Learning Program serves USI students, faculty and community partners. Registering service- learning  projects helps the Program serve these groups in the following ways:

  • Registration helps the program plan for ways to best support ongoing and future service-learning activities and community partnerships.
  • Storing participant and project information in one place makes it easy for interested people or groups to understand the types and scope of service-learning activities at USI.
  • Registration information helps USI maintain its Carnegie Foundation Engaged University status.
  • Tracking service-learning activities helps USI assess how well it is following its mission.
  • Registering projects and participants is part of insuring that necessary legal and liability issues are addressed.
  • We are proud of what Service Learning contributes to the USI community, our region, and our world! Registration and reporting procedures help us highlight and promote USI students’, faculty, and staff’s impact in these communities.


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