University of Southern Indiana

Service Learning Outcomes

Service-Learning experiences are designed to promote the development of student

 1. Civic and democratic engagement

  • Recognize that they do have civic responsibility
  • Enhanced sense of what it means to be in community and act with integrity
  • Greater understanding of community
  • Ability to identify community needs
  • Sustained interest for community involvement/contributions

2.  Capacity for difference/change making

  • Recognize that they do make a difference/have something to offer
  • Recognize problems and gaps in resources and envision solutions for the future
  • Develop leadership and teamwork skills needed for effective community engagement
  • Develop greater flexibility and adaptability in working with community issues

3.  Learning through disciplined reflection

  • Critical evaluation and understanding of discipline-based knowledge/skills
  • Able to apply course knowledge to real-life situations 
  • Demonstrate skills and knowledge learned
  • Enhanced ability to engage in self-assessment

4.  Skill and comfort in working with diverse groups and environments

  • Greater awareness of diversity
  • Enhanced tolerance of different perspectives
  • Increased competence and comfort when interacting with diverse groups

5. Sense of belonging to the USI Community

  • Greater ability and willingness to advocate for and represent USI


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