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Course Evaluations

Course evaluations are surveys of student opinions of the instructor and the course and are intended to help faculty members improve their teaching.

Fall 2018 Course Evaluation Calendar

How are the course evaluations used?
Course evaluations are an important source of information as individual faculty members assess their teaching effectiveness. They are also used in annual reviews for reappointment and merit increases.

What courses will be evaluated?
Course evaluations are created for every course except student teaching, internship programs, field experiences, and independent study courses. Instructors are evaluated regardless of tenure status.

When are courses evaluated? 
All evaluations must be completed before the end of the course and will end at 8:00 am on the End Date listed on the Course Evaluation Calendar. Course evaluations are conducted at the end of each regular class, including 5-week, Bi-term, and semester long classes. Semester courses are evaluated during the two weeks prior to semester finals week. Summer course evaluations are required by most colleges and must use the online administration method.

How will the course be evaluated?
All course evaluations are administered online (invitations to evaluate the class will be sent to the students' email account). Students may also access the evaluation through the course Blackboard site within the Tools section and the "Student Course Evaluation" link.

Will instructors know an individual student's evaluation scoring?
Security and anonymity of student responses is of utmost importance. Individual evaluation forms are not given to faculty members. Instead, a faculty member receives a statistical summary of the course evaluations after final grades have been submitted. This report is sent to the faculty member's USI issued employee email address.

Course Evaluation Methods

Online Evaluations
The online process requires no class time. In courses utilizing online course evaluations, students can expect to receive an invitation email containing the link and password to access the evaluation for the course.

Invitation emails are sent to students' email address. The instructor name, course ID, and course title appear in the invitation email and at the top of the evaluation. Reminder emails will be sent to students who have not completed the course evaluation.

Students may also access the evaluation through Blackboard Course Tools Section and selecting the "Student Course Evaluation" link.


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