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Course Evaluation with Blackboard

USI Student and Faculty can monitor and access course evaluations through their Blackboard courses.


Students may access course evaluations through the Tools section in the Blackboard course, then click on the "Student Course Evaluation" link or instructors may have created a link entitle "Student Course Evaluation" within the Tools section. 

Tools Section - Tools

Tool TabCourse Evaluation Link

Tools Section - Direct Link

Tool Evaluation Link

Student Portal:  Any current course evaluations that have not been submitted will be listed and can be accessed from here. Deadlines are posted so that students know when the evaluation period for each course ends. No password is needed if a student access the evaluation through this portal.

Student class evaluations not completed

Once the evaluation is submitted, the student is given the opportunity to complete any other open evaluations or can close out the tab and return to the Blackboard portal.

Student screen after class evaluation

A check-mark icon will appear after the evaluation is submitted.

Student class evaluations completed

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Faculty Dashboard

Faculty will be able to monitor and retrieve course evaluation reports through a new Faculty Portal in Blackboard.  Access is available through the Tools section, then select the link entitled “Student Course Evaluation”.

Faculty Portal

  • Course Evaluation information will be listed and can be accessed from here.
  • Up-to-date Response Rates will be provided for faculty tracking.
  • Deadlines are listed so that faculty know when the evaluation period for the course ends.  
  • The Course Evaluation Report will be made available within the Blackboard Faculty portal and sent to faculty through email after final grades are posted.
  • Faculty will have access to the previous 4 years of classes on Blackboard.

Setup for Student Access

Students will access a Student Course Evaluation for each course through the Tools section in their Blackboard course.  They will then click on the link entitled “Student Course Evaluation”. 

Some instructors may create a link entitled “Student Course Evaluation”, that will take students directly into the "Student Course Evaluation" area and they will be able to see any available evaluations. To create a Student Course Evaluation tool link, follow these easy steps.

Blackboard faculty tool link

Blackboard tool link name

Student Course Evaluation on Blackboard course menu

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