University of Southern Indiana

Using the Fact Book

The University of Southern Indiana Fact Book contains institutional data regarding students, faculty and courses. It is an interactive document, so you may examine the data in ways not previously possible with a static document.  The Fact Book is powered by Tableau, a data visualization tool.  If you have not used Tableau before, here is some information for navigating the USI Fact Book and examining the data within it.

Navigating the Fact Book

The Fact Book is organized into four sections:

  • Fast Facts
    • Fast Facts - University
    • Fast Facts - Student
    • Fast Facts - Faculty
  • Students
    • Student Enrollment
      • Overall
      • By College
      • Graphs
      • Maps
    • Majors & Minors
      • Majors
      • Minors
    • Entering Characteristics
      • Graphs
      • Tables
    • Retention, Graduation Rates and Completions
      • Retention & Graduation Rates
      • Program Completions
  • Courses 
    • Credit Hour Enrollment
    • Enrollment Headcount
    • Sections Taught
    • Credit Hour Tables
  • Faculty
    • Faculty Profile
    • Faculty Table

When you click on a section, a drop down list will appear. Some sections have multiple items in their drop down lists. Each item in the drop down list represents a dashboard of related information.  To view the information in each dashboard, click on the item in the list.

2017 Fact Book Navigation

Filtering Data

Most of the dashboards in the Fact Book have several filters that can be used to narrow down the scope of the data. The filters are arranged across the top of each dashboard. You may use several filters at the same time to fine tune the data, but you may need to give Tableau some time to respond to each filter you set.  When you are done filtering, your data will be displayed in the visualization below.

2017 Fact Book Filter Example

Using Tooltips

Every dashboard contains tooltips. Some tooltips will provide additional information that is not included in the chart or the graph. Simply hover your mouse over the number in the visualization and the tooltip will pop up. When you move your mouse away, the tooltip will disappear.

Fact Book Tooltips

Using the Information Button

Each dashboard has an information button located in the top right hand corner of the dashboard next to the filters section. When you hover over the information button, additional information about the dashboard will pop up. When you move your mouse away, the pop up will disappear.

Fact Book Information Button

Using the Refresh Button

Beginning in Fall 2017, many of the Fact Book dashboards have a refresh button to make it easier to reset your filters back to their default settings. Simply click on the refresh button and your filters will reset.

2017 Fact Book navigation and refresh button

Data Tables

Beginning in Fall 2017, data tables have been added to several of the Fact Book sections to provide a numbers-only dashboard when you don't want to see any visualizations. Look for these tables within the navigation of each section. 

2017 Data table example

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