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State of the U Archive

State of the U articles appear in illume magazine which is published twice a year. 


State of the U: Connectivity

President Rochon confesses his fears, exposing his vulnerabilities. Read how this led him to a larger understanding.

State of the U: Legacy

President Ronald Rochon contemplates cigarette smoke rings and legacy.

State of the U: Activism

For Dr. Rochon, community activists are the heros and sheros of our community, nation and globe. Read his poignant perspective on the subject.

State of the U: Perseverance

President Ronald S. Rochon expresses his love for USI and his deep desire to keep the University open and operating in a safe manner.

State of the U: Assurance

When COVID-19 swept into the United States and threatened the safety and well-being of USI, Dr. Rochon took swift action and closed the campus.

State of the U: Perspective

When Dr. Rochon noticed a student struggling to get across campus, he went to assist her. In the course of their conversation he learned a lesson he wants everyone to consider.

State of the U: Education

Dr. Ronald S. Rochon speaks on the purpose and role of education in society.

State of the U: Introduction

USI's fourth president is a man of many facets.