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Student Appeals Committees

Administrative Appeals Committee 
This committee, appointed by the president, reviews written appeals by students of decisions made by the administrators related to residency status, fee refunds or assessments, calendar deadlines, and other relevant student-administrative decisions, including Medical Withdrawals.  This committee consists of the Vice President for Enrollment Management (chair), the director of Graduate Studies, the bursar, the registrar, the director of Student Financial Assistance, the associate provost for Student Affairs, one dean, one faculty member, the president of the Student Government Association and another student recommended by SGA. 

See 2017-18 members...

  Chair Andrew Wright
    James Beeby
    Katelyn Bueltel
Sandy Frank
    Mary Harper
    Marcia Kiessling
    Brian McGuire
Virgilio Paulino
Mayola Rowser


Standing Appeals Committee

This committee reviews written appeals by a student based on alleged lack of fair hearing or due process of a decision by the Administrative Appeals Committee. The committee may remand the situation to the Administrative Appeals Committee for further consideration.  This committee serves as the final appellate committee. The members of this committee are the provost and vice presidents of the University.

See 2016-17 members...

  Chair Andrew Wright
    Steve Bridges
    Cindy Brinker
Ron Rochon


Student Academic Grievance Committee
See the Student Academic Grievance Procedure in the Faculty Handbook Section III, pages 80 – 81 for a complete description of the committee.

See 2015-16 members...

   Members Jerry Boyd
  Damien Burge
    Edith Hardcastle
Cindy Deloney-Marino
    Vella Goebel
    Rick Hobbs
    Christian Ely
Melissa Russell


University Hearing Board
The members of the University Hearing Board are appointed by the dean of students as outlined in Section 4 of Student Rights and Responsibilities: A Code of Student Behavior.  The dean appoints and trains a pool of faculty, staff, and students from which a Hearing Board will be convened when necessary. The Hearing Board is comprised of two students, one faculty member, and one administrative staff member drawn from the hearing board pool of five students living on campus, five students living off campus, three faculty members, and three administrative staff members. The dean of students or his designee serves as chair.

See 2015-16 members...

   Members Laurie Berry
  Ashley Hilton-Hughes
    Caylin Blockley
Claudine Fairchild
    Shannon Hoehn
    Melinda Roberts
    Aaron Pryor
Student Appointees (7)


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