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Dollar Thresholds and Quotation Requirements


Dollar Thresholds:


*NOTE: Please reference the "How to Buy at USi:  Commodity Guide" to help determine the correct payment method for orders over $500. If you are still unsure, please contact Procurement at extension 1058.

  • All orders $500 and over must use BuyUSI.
    This includes the following:
    • Catalog Vendors
    • Office Supplies
    • IT equipment/supplies/Software
    • Scientific Equipment
    • Medical equipment/supplies
    • Construction
    • Furniture
    • Printing


    • The following exceptions apply:

Use P-Card with NO $$ limit for the following:

  • Memberships/Subscriptions/dues
  • Academic Testing
  • Academic Accreditation Fees
  • Applications
  • Non-Travel Dining/Restaurant
  • Gift Cards
  • Advertising


  • If the order is $499.99 or less and the supplier is not a catalog vendor or cannot be ordered from a catalog vendor, then a department credit card may be used.

  • If the department credit card is declined because of the MCC Code (Merchant Category Code), then the order should be entered in BuyUSI:
    • The department will enter a requisition in BuyUSI and Procurement will process the requisition similar to any other PO.  These mainly are for one time purchases that are over $500.

 Quotation Requirements: 

A.  Catalog Orders:

  • $24,999.99 and Under:
    • quote is not required.
    • $25,000 or higher:
    • Federally funded orders over $10k require 3 quotes


B. Non-catalog Orders: 

  • $24,999.99 and Under:
    • 1 quote is required.
    • $25,000 or higher:
    • Federally funded orders over $10k require 3 quotes



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