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Below is a quick reference chart about the purchase and payment methods available for business services, products, and travel.

Questions? Click on the column header word to be taken to that subject's webpage, where you can find additional information and/or email your questions.

PCard BuyUSI TCard
Food - Restaurants/Groceries (e.g., dining on campus, Walmart) Catalog Vendors (e.g., Amazon) Airfare and Bag Fees
Memberships/Subscriptions Chartered Buses Lodging
Non-BuyUSI Catalog Vendors Construction Registration Fees (In-Person Conferences/Meetings/Workshops)
Registration Fees - Virtual Workshops/Webinars - no travel involved Contracts/Agreements with payment for services Shuttles/Taxis/Rideshares (e.g., Lyft, Uber)
Food - Sodexo Catering Vehicle Rental and Fuel
Furniture Items
IT Equipment/Supplies/Software
Medical Equipment/Supplies/Software
Office Supplies
Printing Supplies
Scientific Equipment/Supplies