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The Position

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The University of Southern Indiana seeks a visionary and effective Provost to enhance and further the academic programs and initiatives of a student-centered institution; support faculty development and aspirations; work with an engaged student body; collaborate with other institutions of higher education within Indiana as well as citizens, community leaders and local officials for the advancement of the University and the region; and work with legislators and others to help advocate for the University.

The University of Southern Indiana seeks a visionary and effective Provost to enhance and further the academic programs and initiatives of a student-centered institution; support faculty development and aspirations; work with an engaged student body; collaborate with other institutions of higher education within Indiana as well as citizens, community leaders and local officials for the advancement of the University and the region; and work with legislators and others to help advocate for the University. The Provost is the chief academic officer of the University and reports to the University President. In addition to the academic areas of the University, the Provost has responsibility and oversight for the departments of Outreach and Engagement, Career Services and Internships, David L. Rice Library, the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Center for International Programs, Institutional Analytics Office, Sponsored Projects and Research, Registrar’s Office, Disability Resources, Honors Program, and Online Learning.

The following positions report directly to the Provost:

  • Dean of the College of Liberal Arts
  • Dean of the College of Nursing and Health Professions
  • Dean of the Pott College of Science, Engineering, and Education
  • Dean of the Romain College of Business
  • Dean of the School of Graduate Studies
  • Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
  • Director of the David L. Rice Library
  • Executive Director for International Programs and Services
  • Executive Director for Outreach and Engagement
  • Chief Data Officer
  • Director of Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and Director, Office of Sponsored Projects and Research Administration
  • Career Services and Employment Coordinator

The ideal candidate will have, among other qualities:

  • strong leadership and management experience;
  • strong evidence of involvement in student academic and extracurricular commitments;
  • a commitment to engaged learning and student success;
  • a commitment to effective interaction with the faculty;
  • excellent communication skills;
  • skills to lead initiatives to maintain and enhance the academic stature of the University;
  • demonstrated experience in fundraising across a diverse donor base;
  • a commitment to innovation and creativity;
  • evidence of successful interactions with governing boards;
  • the ability to work within a complex State system of higher education;
  • a demonstrated record of building and maintaining an atmosphere of transparency and collegiality;
  • a record of achievement in strengthening and infusing diversity in their current operation;
  • a demonstrated understanding and commitment to internationalization and globalization through support for international programs and students.

Additionally, this candidate will:

  • have the highest integrity;
  • be a strategic and visionary thinker;
  • be an articulate and inspiring communicator; and
  • have energy, passion and an abiding sense of humor.


The University of Southern Indiana is a thriving institution with highly regarded academic programs, a long history of a strong student-focused culture, a community of active teachers and scholars, and a record of commitment to its community and region. The University of Southern Indiana faces both challenges and opportunities over the near term as it seeks to sustain and further strengthen programs and services for its students, as well as the wider community, state and beyond.


USI’s role as a regional leader in higher education has positioned the University for greater opportunities, yet the University continues to increase its brand statewide, nationally and internationally. The next Provost will be expected to participate in continuing the efforts to raise the profile and reputation of the University. This strategy must be coordinated with continued efforts to strengthen partnerships and relationships at the state level—particularly with the legislature and the Commission for Higher Education.


At the University of Southern Indiana, an open campus culture is highly valued; dialogue and debate, a commitment to shared governance, communication, diversity, collaboration, and access and interaction serve as the foundation for a unified vision for the University. The Provost and entire administration will have an opportunity and responsibility to model and strengthen these values through existing and new models.


The University’s commitment to the future is in part dependent upon support of past students. The University seeks to strengthen existing relationships with alumni, particularly through the USI Alumni Association, as well as seek and establish new partnerships that will be mutually beneficial. The University’s alumni are extremely supportive; however, more can be done to improve alumni interaction, financial support and involvement.


Despite the fact that Indiana is the envy of many states regarding funding for higher education, the University of Southern Indiana has experienced changes in the tax-supported share of its operating budget and has limited control over tuition rates and limited ability to set student fees. Therefore, the new Provost will need to be a financial advocate for the University, aligning academics with state revenue metrics, finding ways to maintain and improve the quality of programs through strong legislative advocacy, energetic fundraising with alumni and other donors, the development of other resources through community and economic development, greater internal efficiencies and creative marshaling of campus finances. In partnership with the University of Southern Indiana Foundation, the University has the opportunity to build upon the successful recent track record of fundraising and advancement. The new Provost will benefit from a positive spirit of entrepreneurship within the University to help address these challenges and take advantage of new opportunities.


The University has gained a reputation for excellence in student learning, teaching and scholarship. Every effort must be made to ensure that excellence remains the focal point in all aspects of the University. Increased enrollment, retention and more visible national recognition can only be accomplished if the academic culture and student focus remain at the center of USI’s commitment. The Provost must articulate a vision that can unite the campus, communicate the University’s values, and effectively advocate for the resources and staffing necessary to sustain the energetic momentum and to maintain excellence.


The Provost will help guide the discussion regarding supporting systematic review of academic programs, growth in existing programs with increased demand, and new program development as well as new modes of delivery. In addition, the Provost will have the opportunity to strengthen an academic model of education that integrates the liberal arts, social and natural sciences, and professional programs, including an expansion of its flourishing graduate curriculum. In Fall 2022, the University welcomed the second largest number of graduate students in its 57-year history, with 1,822 students enrolled in masters and doctoral programs.


The University’s relative size and diversity of programs have always been strengths, both internally and externally. In addressing new issues as well as old, it is important for the Provost to play an active, engaged and transparent role with the faculty, staff and students within the University and to engage the campus community— empowering all levels of the University in order to understand and address institutional goals. The Provost will need to successfully represent the entire University community effectively within the greater Evansville area and beyond, while working cooperatively with University faculty, staff, students and administrators.


Consistent with many other campuses, the University of Southern Indiana is in a region that has population declines within the traditional age cohort for several years. Additionally, competition for students has grown. The University is committed to growing enrollment and while admission and retention profiles have been stable, the campus must further build on this promising foundation to further strengthen and support a student-focused model in the years ahead and more effectively represent the University more aggressively in the markets of northern Indiana, eastern Illinois, western Kentucky and beyond.


The State of Indiana has a system of performance-based funding for public institutions, the primary focus of the current metrics being degree completion, student persistence and on-time graduation. The new Provost must ensure that academic programs and enrollment management strategies are in alignment with the performance-based funding metrics and statewide educational attainment goals.


The University of Southern Indiana has made a strong commitment to diversity, and values the gains it has made. Enhanced ethnic, religious, racial, economic and gender diversity needs to be encouraged in the recruitment of students, faculty and staff. Achieving understanding and acceptance of fully integrated diversity is valued and is part of the strategic plan. Further progress in these areas will require sustained and vigorous commitment from the entire University community to deeply integrate the diversity goals into personal and institutional development, teaching, scholarship, service and global collaborations. The Provost will need to look at ways to enhance diversity, including international recruitment efforts.


The administration, faculty, staff and students are committed to working collaboratively to continually improve all aspects of the University. The University not only has a commitment to shared governance, but its structures and processes give evidence to a strong culture of collaboration. The administration works with the Faculty Senate, Administrative Senate, Staff Council and Student Government Association in the development of policies and in decision making at a variety of levels. Working effectively with various constituent groups to ensure mutual respect, participation and cooperation is critical to the future growth and development of the University.


Beyond its institutional value as an economic and cultural resource, the University of Southern Indiana—a Carnegie Foundation Community Engaged University—has taken a number of proactive steps to lead and partner with economic and educational initiatives both within its immediate region and beyond. Through its office of Outreach and Engagement, innovative programs include Historic New Harmony and USI @ Innovation Pointe, Evansville’s high-tech business incubator, among others. The University promotes personal growth, business development and economic revitalization in the community. The Provost will have the opportunity to lead efforts to build upon and further deepen ties, with attention to such issues as the changing economy and finding new ways to meet the educational needs of its community and region.

Applicant Qualifications

Candidates must have a PhD or other terminal degree that would qualify the candidate for an appointment as a full professor with tenure in one of the University’s academic departments. A successful history of administrative experience (five years preferred) in senior academic leadership roles at an accredited institution of higher education is required. Candidates should have a strong record of intellectual, scholarly and administrative accomplishments; a broad understanding of liberal arts education and professional programs; and a keen appreciation for the values and traditions of the University of Southern Indiana. The next Provost must be a strategic thinker who can plan and execute a future vision for USI while building upon its existing strategic plan. The Provost must be a transparent and collaborative leader, an articulate and inspiring communicator, and an experienced, responsible financial manager.

Information for Applicants

The review of credentials will begin immediately and will continue until the position is filled. For highest consideration, please submit materials by April 16, 2023. Application materials should be submitted via the USI Human Resources website at: https://usi. and include a letter of interest; curriculum vitae; and the names, addresses (including email) and telephone numbers for at least five references. (References will not be contacted without consent from the applicant.)

Applications and Nominations

Nominations and questions should be forwarded to Sarah Will: All applications and nominations will be considered highly confidential. To request accommodations during the application and/or interview process please contact the Employment Manager at or 812-464-1840.

As an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer, the University of Southern Indiana considers all qualified applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy or marital status, parental status, national origin or ancestry, age (40 and older), disability, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, veteran status or any other category protected by law or identified by the University as a protected class.