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Any international travel request submitted to the Office of the Provost must be accompanied by an approval memo written by the appropriate dean and attached to the Travel Request Authorization form. Funding from the Office of the Provost for international travel is not guaranteed.

Faculty Development monies are provided at the discretion of the Provost only after college and/or department funding has been exhausted. Supporting documentation must be attached when requesting funding as indicated on the Travel Request Authorization form. The Provost's signature is required for all out-of-state travel as well as when Faculty Development funding is requested.

Faculty Development Travel Funds, provided through the Provost's Office, are available to all full-time faculty members who present a paper or poster at a conference, actively participate in a workshop as a leader or panelist, or hold an office in an organization sponsoring a conference.

Effective for the 2015-2016 fiscal year, Faculty Development Travel funding may provide each full-time faculty member:

    $500 for Domestic Trips
    $700 for Non-Contiguous US International Trips
    Maximum Yearly Allowance of $1200

Travel regulations are to be reviewed prior to traveling, especially International (Out-of-Country) travel policies and procedures for Study Abroad involving student programs/groups.

All faculty must complete their Travel Reimbursement form within 60 days following the last travel day of each specific travel date. Claims submitted after 60 days must be resubmitted to the financial manager and the Provost for approval. Attach complete documentation verifying travel expenses prior to forwarding to the Provost's Office.

Part-time faculty are eligible for a maximum annual award of $500 to support professional development travel. These funds are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis. In order to qualify, part-time faculty must follow the same guidelines as those for the full-time faculty as mentioned above.

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