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Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness is defined as an awareness and acceptance of a wide range of feelings in yourself and others. An emotionally well person understands his/her own limitations and knows how and when to seek support to cope with the challenges life can bring. An emotionally well person also has the ability to form satisfying relationships with others.

Emotional Wellness Resources at USI Include:

  • The Counseling Center offers individual and group therapy to assist students to relieve stress, understand and deal with their emotions, set appropriate goals, make healthy decisions, resolve inner conflicts, develop independence, and increase self-confidence.
  • The University Health Center diagnoses, treats, and follows students with various psychological conditions such as attention deficit disorder, anxiety, stress, etc.  The Health Center works closely with the Counseling Center to give the students referred the best possible care for their overall physical and mental well-being.
  • The Recreation, Fitness, and Wellness Center offers many opportunities to get some exercise, which is one great way to relieve stress. Participants can also try a stress-reducing class such as yoga or tai chi.
  • The Kinesiology and Sport Department offers courses in yoga and tai chi.
  • Housing and Residence Life offers stress relief programs for students, and works in conjunction with other campus departments to promote wellness for all students. 

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