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Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness is a process of looking within yourself and exploring your values and beliefs to establish peace and harmony in your lives. Inner peace is important in dealing with life changes and connecting with others and the environment. Many people find this through organized religion, but it is not necessary.

Spiritual Wellness Resources at USI include:

  • Religious Life provides religious guidance and worship opportunities for the USI community. 
  • The Spiritual Diversity Project is a campus initiative aimed at starting an open dialogue among religious and non-religious students about interfaith relations. This is facilitated through religious literacy programs and interfaith collaborative service projects.
  • Volunteer USI is one way to get involved in serving the greater community. 
  • At the Counseling Center, individual and group counseling may address issues of how spirituality interacts with mental health or other concerns, even though our services are not specifically spiritual or religious in nature.
  • The Recreation, Fitness, and Wellness Center offers classes in yoga and tai chi, providing an opportunity to do moving meditations which can promote inner peace.
  • You may also find spiritual wellness through service to others, music, theater, or spending time in nature.

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