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Summer Wellness Resources

Summer gives us the chance to slow down, explore, and spend more time outside. Explore the resources below for helpful tips and ideas to stay healthy, safe, and relaxed these next few months. 

Sun Safety and Skin Cancer Prevention:

  • Sunscreen FAQs: What type of sunscreen should you use? How much do you need to apply? Get answers to common sunscreen questions (American Academy of Dermatology). 
  • Sun safety tips: Protect your skin from the sun by following these simple tips (Centers for Disease Control). 
  • Daily sun protection guide: The sun feels good, but it can be your skin’s worst enemy. Learn more about daily habits for sun protection (Skin Cancer Foundation). 
  • How to spot an atypical mole: Learn how to identify atypical moles and how they affect your skin cancer risk (Skin Cancer Foundation).
  • How to do a skin self-exam: When caught and treated early, skin cancers are highly curable. Learn how you can do a monthly skin exam to spot any changes in your skin (Skin Cancer Foundation). 

Beat the heat: 


  • Seasonal produce guide: Find out which fruits and vegetables are considered 'in season' in the summer! (U.S. Department of Agriculture)
  • Tips for healthier grilling: Learn how to minimize the unhealthy aspects of grilling so you can continue to enjoy your summer barbecue (Providence Health Plan).
  • Healthy eating on a budget cookbook: Explore recipes that are both healthy and budget friendly. (U.S. Department of Agriculture). 
  • Summer Recipes: A collection of recipes that are perfect for summer. (Mayo Clinic). 

Other Wellness Topics:

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