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Child Protection Policy

You may report anonymously, although this may slow down investigation. Reporting may also be done at the Indiana Child Abuse Hotline.

Who This Policy Applies To:

  • Anyone affiliated with the University of Southern Indiana or those who may be involved with their programs.
  • University employees in charge of programs and activities that include children will develop procedures regarding the reporting of instances of inappropriate conduct and child abuse, consistent with the Child Protection Policy. 
  • All employees and students who interact with children as part of their work-related duties or academic program, and visitors to the University who have contact with children must be familiar with and abide by the Child Protection Policy.

Child Protection Policy

  • View the Policy Flow Chart and Forms.
    A quick overview of how the Child Protection Policy works and steps that are required. Various forms required to complete for participants or programs involving children.
  • View the Child Protection Policy here.
    Includes information such as one's duty to report abuse, background checks, supervision, training and responsibilities, conduct requirments, and definitions.

  • View the Policy FAQs.
    Understanding whom the policy applies to, what, when, and who to report abuse to, when background checks are ran and applied, policy compliance, and other commonly asked questions.

Reporting Procedures

  • When child abuse or neglect is suspected by an individual, or a child is believed to be in immediate danger, that individual must report it immediately to CPS (Indiana Child Abuse Hotline (1-800-800-5556) and/or law enforcement (911).  Suspected child abuse or neglect that has occurred off-campus should be reported to local law enforcement officials and/or CPS.
  • Suspected cases of child abuse or neglect are also required by Indiana state law to be reported to a designated agent at the University. The designated agent for the University is the Director of Public Safety or his/her designee. Therefore, any suspected cases of child abuse or neglect must be reported to the University Director of Public Safety (812) 464-1845
  • Individuals who receive a report of child abuse or neglect, or who reasonably believe such abuse has occurred must report the abuse to local law enforcement and/or CPS immediately, and to the University Director of Public Safety. 
  • Individuals must report observed or alleged inappropriate conduct to the University Director of Public Safety or Human Resources who will review the allegation(s) of inappropriate conduct.

For questions and concerns about this policy, contact John Hunt, Director of Risk Management, at (812) 461-5366.

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