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Export Controls

What are export controls?

Export controls are US government laws and regulations that require federal agency approval before the export of controlled items, commodities, technology, software, or information to restricted foreign countries, persons and entities (including universities).

Three federal government agencies are responsible for implementing the export control regulations:

Export control laws apply to research activities regardless of the source of funding, as well as departments, such as travel, purchasing, IT, and many others.

Failure to comply with the laws can have serious consequences, both for the institution and the individual researcher. Potential penalties include fines and imprisonment. It is critical for USI researchers and travelers to understand their obligations under these regulations and to work with Risk Management to ensure compliance.

How do export controls affect my study abroad program at USI?

Travel to most countries does not usually constitute an export control problem. However, any export of technology, even temporarily, is subject to US export control regulations and, in some cases, the host country's import regulations. This law can apply to laptops and other widely available technologies. Additionally, certain entities have been placed on "restricted-party" lists that could prohibit us from doing business with them. USI Risk Management monitors this area on behalf of the University. Further information can be found here on its website:

What do I need to do before embarking on a study abroad program?

  • Ensure that your destination is not subject to a boycott or embargo (e.g., Cuba, Iran, North Korea). If it is, a license must be obtained and additional restrictions could apply to the program.
  • If USI property (laptops, PDAs, etc.) is being exported during the study abroad program, follow the normal procedure for clearing it through the Risk Management department.
  • If USI is entering into an agreement or contract with a foreign entity in conjunction with your study abroad program, restricted party screening will be run prior to entering the agreement or contract to ensure that the entity does not appear on any "restricted-party" list.
  • If the USI program involves conducting or collaborating on research abroad, or the students and/or faculty are planning to take potentially export-controlled research with them, contact the Risk Management department at least 4 months prior to your departure from the US.


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