Reliquaries of the Lesser Saints Cold June Lizard cover A Man Worthy of Your Attention cover Shotgun Style Casualties Collateral Damage

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Collateral Damage: A Triptych by Soma Mei Sheng Frazier
Publication Date: November 15, 2013


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$1 for each copy sold will benefit First Place for Youth, an Oakland-based nonprofit providing intensive services to foster youth at the critical juncture when they "age out" of the system.

Collateral Damage

Casualties by Kirsten Clodfelter
Publication Date: October 20, 2013


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In an effort to build a stronger, safer, and more supportive community with and for the many veterans who sit in our classrooms, work in our offices, or stand behind us in line at the grocery store without us always knowing the full breadth of their sacrifices, $1 from the sale of this book benefits the Wounded Warrior Project -- advocating for post-9/11 veterans since 2003.


Shotgun Style by Delaney Nolan


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Shotgun Style

A Man Worthy of Your Attention by Janet Freeman and Dana Ellyn


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A Man Worthy of Your Attention cover

Cold June by Francine Witte


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cold june cover

Reliquaries of the Lesser Saints by Amy Fleury


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reliquaries cover

Max by Joshua Vinzant


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max cover

Casa Marina by Candace Black
Winner of the 2009 Thomas A Wilhelmus Award


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casa marina cover

Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge
by Jeffrey Thomson


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A Hush of Something Endless by Matthew Guenette


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