University of Southern Indiana

Sponsors & Vendors

  1. Booth Space:
    • USI will determine the location for each vendor’s space. Any locations determined prior to the event day may be changed or altered on the day by event staff.
    • Vendors are provided one 8’ table and two chairs, unless prior arrangements are made with USI.
    • No water connections or electrical connections are provided at vendor booths for the outside Expo.
    • Unless approved by USI staff, you are not allowed to share your booth with another company or organization.
  1. Booth Setup AND PARKING:
    • Vendors may set up between 6:30 am – 7:30 am on day of race.
    • Vendors may park in Lot A or B outside the Expo. Lot A and B are both next to University Blvd where the start/finish line is set-up. Please see attached map for assistance.
  1. Day of Event Regulations:
    • Neither vendors nor others may sell pets on USI property.
    • Items given out should be safe for children and pets. Please ask owners before giving their pet a treat due to possible pet food allergies.
    • Dogs are allowed bus must be kept on a leash at all times. Pick up after your pet. Dogs must be licensed and current on Parvo and Rabies vaccinations. Do not bring female dogs in heat. Dogs must have good temperaments.
  1. Other Vendor Responsibilities:
  • Vendors are responsible for:
    • fees associated with any damage a vendor causes to any Doggie Dash related property.
    • the safety of all items.
    • cleaning up area after the event.
    • discarding all trash to the trash cans located on site at the Expo.
    • Per ADA requirements, vendors will make their services and products available to all people, coming out of their booth area to assist a customer if needed.

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