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Mertensia virginica
Virginia bluebells; Virginia cowslip


Interesting info

One of the truly breathtaking flowers at Twin Swamps.

Blooms early in the year. Hikers in mid-April will trek through more than half a mile of spongy mud before coming to nearly half an acre of bluebells. It's a fantastic sight that makes the difficult walk worthwhile.

Found in the highest area of the woods, just before the cypress swamp.

You ought to know

Height: 1' - 2'

Frequency: Abundant in high, dry area of woods in mid-April.

Blooms: April

Range: Found in isolated patches throughout Indiana, particularly in wooded flood plains or wooded terraces of streams. Where found, tends to be abundant.

Known from New York to Minnesota and from Alabama to Kansas.



The plant in the foreground is cut-leaved toothwort. See the Early Spring seasonal page to find other flowers that bloom at the same time.