University of Southern Indiana

Faculty Research

Dr. Richard Bennett (Ph.D. University of Cincinnati)
Relationship between Chemical Weapons & Cancer

Dr. Alex Champagne (Ph.D. Ohio State University)
Evolutionary Physiology  and Lipid Biochemistry

Dr. Kimberly Delaney (Ph.D. Washington University in St. Louis)
RNA Binding Proteins and DNA Genome Organization

Dr. Cindy DeLoney-Marino (Ph.D. University of California - Riverside)
Symbiosis between Bioluminescent Bacterium & Bobtail Squid

Dr. Edith Hardcastle (Ph.D. University of Arkansas - Pine Bluff)
Conservation of Rare Plants & Plant Communities

Dr. Kyle Mara (Ph.D. University of South Florida)
Functional Morphology of Feeding & Locomotion

Dr. Henri Maurice (Ph.D. Rutgers University)
Plant Growth & Development and Prospecting for Biomedicines

Dr. Eric McCloud (Ph.D. University of Illinois - Urbana)
Insect Behavior & Functional Morphology, Chemical Ecology, and Conservation Biology of Forests

Dr. Rebecca Sparks-Thissen (Ph.D. Princeton University)
Viral Replication

Dr. Rex Strange (Ph.D. University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa)
Molecular & Evolutionary Genetics of Fishes; Histology and Embryology

Dr. Brent Summers (Ph.D. University of Louisville)
Marine and Freshwater invertebrate ecology, Marine Protected Area Conservation Biology

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