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Phlox glaberrima
Smooth phlox


Interesting info

Purple flowers are conspicuous in the woods in May.

One of the showiest flowers of the preserve.

Joins with white penstemon and yellow dwarf dandelion to make a colorful display.

A variation of this phlox is shown below.

You ought to know

Height: 1' - 3'

Frequency: Plentiful in low, wet woods.

Blooms: Plants start to bloom in May; some have been seen blooming in the last week of August.

Range: Not common in Indiana except in low, wet woods in the southwest.

Found from southern Virginia to southeast Wisconsin and from north Florida to east Texas.

This star-shaped flower looks different from the more typical smooth phlox above, but it is evidently just a variety of Phlox glaberrima.