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  • Dr. Mara Helping Students with a Dissection in Comparative Chordate Anatomy

    Work side by side with our faculty to learn the techniques you need to know. Dr. Mara is showing our students proper dissection techniques so they can investigate muscle and bone structures.

  • USI Snorkeler shows off a starfish in Belize

    Our Tropical Biology course gets you up close and personal with the sea creatures in Belize!

  • Dr. Maurice explaing the vasculature syste of a carnation to a student

    Our curriculum is all about being hands-on. That's why our classes have small labs that allow students to dive in.

  • USI student collects plant samples at Wesselman Woods.

    We don't just stay inside the classroom. Our Field Biology courses allow our students to get outside and study organisms in their natural habitats.

  • Students work with Dr. Bandoli to humanely collect Fish specimen

    Work right next to our faculty in the field to humanely and safely collect and interact with the wonderful native flora and fauna we have to offer here in Indiana.

  • Introductory Biology Students in lab coats and goggles use a spectrophotometer to measure the optical density of samples.

    Our students dive in from day one with lab based classes as freshmen. Our introductory Principles of Biology course offers small lab classes taught by our Faculty and allows our students to start learning important hands on techniques from day one.

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