University of Southern Indiana


Excellence Award

  • Teaching Awards – Dr. Joyce Gulley - Teacher Education
  • Scholarship Award – Dr. Jason Hill - Engineering
  • Service Award – Dr. Renee Frimming - Kinesiology & Sport
  • Advising Award – Dr. Yalcin Sarol - Mathematics

Innovation Award

  • Dr. Glenna G. Bower & Renaye Wahl - Pott College of Science, Engineering, and Education Student Advisory Board Peer (Plan for Excellence in Engagement and Rapport) Mentoring Program was funded in the amount of $3497.00.
  • Dr. Bill Elliott & Dr. Jim Durbin – Geology & Physics - Geographic Information Systems Applied Across Disciplines was funded in the amount of $3500.00.
  • Dr. Adrian Gentle - Mathematics - In Inquiry-Based Approach to Math 253: Principles of Mathematical Logic was approved by the Innovation committee. The proposal was funded in the amount of $3000.00.
  • Dr. Edi Hardcastle – Biology - A Proposal to Establish Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL) Workshops for the Principles of Biology Course as an Innovative Strategy to Increase Rates of Success and Retention for Biology Majors was funded in the amount of $6521.00.


  • Dr. Kim Delany (Biology) - Raising the Dead: Resurrecting Ancient Protein Ancestors 
  • Dr. Jason Hill (Engineering) - Experimental Determination of Equilibration Area with Numerical Modeling
  • Dr. Austin Anderson (Kinesiology and Sport) - Improving LGBT Health by Understanding and Transforming Community Recreation Participation Opportunities 
  • Dr. Brian Bohrer (Engineering) - Analysis of Local Water Supplies for Pharmaceutical Contaminants 

Barnett Award

  • Adam Ferrari, Dr. Edmir Wade (Faculty Mentor)- Synthesis of a Calixarene Carcerand

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