University of Southern Indiana


Excellence Award

  • Teaching Awards – Dr. Joy Howard - Teacher Education
  • Scholarship Award – Dr. Julian Davis - Engineering
  • Service Award – Mr. Dave Ellert - Engineering
  • Advising Award – Dr. Glenna G. Bower - Kinesiology & Sport

Innovation Award

  • Dr. Weatherholt – Kinesiology & Sport - Using Student Laboratory Assistants to Increase the Number of Exercise Science and Kinesiology Students with Career Ready Skills was funded in the amount of $2650.00
  • Dr. Amy Chan-Hilton, Dr. Bill Elliott, Dr. Christos Deligkaris, Dr. Adrian Gentle, Dr. Eric Greenwood – Engineering, Geology/Physics, Mathematics - Understanding of Student Retention Pathways and Bottlenecks through Systems Analysis and Action Research was funded in the amount of $3496.47.
  • Dr. Glenna G. Bower & Whitney Mosier - Building a Community of Students: Recruitment and Retention Efforts was funded in the amount of $5353.53.
  • Dr. Gina Berride & Stacey Keown – Teacher Education - TED Scholars was approved in the amount of $3500.00.


  • Dr. Alyssa Weatherholt, Dr. Guoyuan Huang (Kinesiology and Sport) - The Acute Hemodynamic Responses Before, During, and After a Bout of Cycling
  • Dr. Arthur Chlebowksi (Engineering) -  Design, Fabrication, and Implementation of an Inertial Based Motion Detection System for Use in Repetitive Motor Injury

Barnett Award

  • Katelyn Sheneman & Madalyn Schadler, Dr. Jeannie Collins (Faculty Mentor)- Analysis of Non-Muscle Motor Proteins

  • Paige Spieth & Megan Evans, Dr. Rebecca Sparks-Thissen (Faculty Mentor)-Investigation of Omp-C, rfaD gene expression in YhiM-deficient E. Coli cells

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