University of Southern Indiana


Excellence Award 

  • Teaching Award - Dr. Jason Hill - Engineering
  • Scholarship Award - Dr. Tori Colson - Teacher Education
  • Service Award - Mrs. Terri Branson - Teacher Education
  • Advising Award - Mrs. Patty Marcum - Kinesiology & Sport


  • Dr. Todd Nelson (Engineering) - Origami-Inspired Morphing Structures and Developable Mechanisms
  • Dr. Christos Deligkaris (Geology/Physics) - Physical Binding of the Tobacco Smoke Carcinogen NNK to the Human Tumor Suppressor Gene TP53: A Molecular Dynamics

Innovation Award

  • Dr. Richard Bennett (Biology) -Fetal Porcine Cadaver Dissection in BIO 122
  • Dr. Adam Tennant (Engineering), Dr. Todd Nelson (Engineering), Dr. Kerry Hall (Engineering) -Improving Student Engagement, Retention, and Recruitment Through Structural Health Monitoring of Local Structures
  • Dr. Ken Walsh (Chemistry), Dr. Kim Delaney (Biology) - The Resilience Project for Pre-Med/Pre-Professional Undergraduate Students

Interdisciplinary Award

  • Dr. Jason Hill (Engineering) and Dr. Eric McCloud (Biology) - Wetland Restoration at Nurenbern Road Site: Water Quality Testing and Community Structure.
  • Dr. Tori Colson (Teacher Education), Dr. Renee Frimming (Teacher Education), Dr. Gabriela Mustata (Health Informatics), and Mrs. Terri Branson (Teacher Education) Evaluating Various Techniques to Reduce Stress in Teacher Education Students

Barnett Award

  • Irese Obanor, Dr. Joy Howard (Faculty Mentor)- Learning from Families: Addressing the Playground to Prison Nexus in Evansville

  • Ethan Elleser, Dr. Edmir Wade (Faculty Mentor)- The Future of CBD Extraction

  • Lauren Branon & Rhian Bailey, Will Hawkins (Faculty Mentor)- The Effects of MCF1 SNP on Lactic Acid Clearance in Resistance Trained Females

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