University of Southern Indiana


Faculty Excellence Awards

  • Teaching Award - Dr. Ron Diersing, Engineering
  • Scholarship Award - Clarissa Willis, Teacher Education
  • Service - Kim Delaney, Biology
  • Advising - Gina Berridge, Teacher Education 


  • Dr. Jenna Kloosterman- (Engineering), GUSTO Instrument Testing and Integration 
  • Dr. Daniel Elg- (Engineering), Quantification of Chemical Pathways in Plasma Electrolysis

Innovation Award

  • Dr. Susan Ely- (Engineering), Mentoring Female Engineering Students
  • Dr. Eric Greenwood- (Geology/Physics), Quantum Mechanice Laboratory

Barnett Award

  • Jerome Degbe, Matthew Klein & Dr. Adam Tennant (Faculty Mentor)- Slope Stability Sensor System Development 
  • Reece Everett & Dr. Kyle Mara- Terrestrial vs Aquatic Locomotion in the Wolf Spider, Hogna frondicola

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