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Josh Dudek '19

Josh Dudek ‘19, a biology major, came to USI after feeling an overwhelming sense of support and care from students and faculty members on his first visit. Josh made USI his home by becoming involved in campus life and the Pott College Student Campus Community. From there, his days were spent with classes, studying, and club and organization meetings. His favorite memories at USI are the long nights he spent in the library studying, laughing and crying with the people who became his best friends.  

With his heavy involvement in campus activities, Josh made close friends and connections with professors and faculty members. He credits Dr. Glenna Bower, Associate Professor of Pott College, for being the person who influenced him most at USI. She offered him leadership opportunities, that delivered important lessons which he’s thankful for today. “In all honesty, the most important thing I learned at USI was to think for myself,” he says “Growing up, I always thought whatever my friends and family thought. I soon realized making and having your own opinions, and the process in which you come to these opinions, is an important part of life and becoming a well-rounded individual.” 

After three and half years at USI, Josh knew that first feeling he got when stepping on campus was something he would take with him long after leaving USI. He is now in his second year at the University of Missouri-St. Louis Optometry School. There, he is also involved in optometry school and campus, making more friends and connections. Last year, he was awarded student ambassador of the year. Josh credits USI for giving him the confidence and drive to put himself out there and be a leader. After he graduates, he hopes to give back to the USI community, a place that made him feel at home from the very first day.  

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