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The First Pott College Student Organization Council Event Brings Karaoke to Welcome Week

The Pott College Student Campus Community (PCSCC) is a wealth of resources, knowledge and information designed for students. It allows  them to be involved in what goes on in the Pott College and campus by participating in events, activities and organizations. This year, many freshmen got to see the Pott College Student Campus Community in action at the community’s first ever Welcome Week karaoke event, hosted by the Student Organization Council (SOC) and a new addition for the PCSCC. This council consists of student leaders from each of the 22 Pott College organizations and clubs.  

SOC’s major goal was to hold an event that brought all the organizations and clubs in the Pott College together in one place. This goal became a reality when the Center for Campus Life reached out. “This is a huge opportunity to reach out to Pott College's incoming students to let them know what kind of community they are a part of now," says Hayden Martin, SOC President. "This means that the Pott College Campus Community gets to work together and help welcome incoming students, while also having fun doing so.” 

During the event, many different organizations and club leaders set up tables for new students to get information, T-shirts, and other giveaways from their organization. QR codes were also placed around the room to provide new students with information on Pott College's organizations and clubs, to encourage them to join. It was important for the PCSCC to have these outreach events to get new students involved in their College and make USI feel more like home.  

The karaoke event went better than expected for the SOC and the PCSCC with more students and participation than expected. The turnout was so great that SOC was asked to host the event next year! 

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