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USI Pott College of Science, Engineering, and Education Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee is made up of faculty and student members from each of the seven departments. 

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Along with our members, see what others in the Pott College of Science, Education, and Engineering have done to bring equity, diversity, and inclusion to the USI community and beyond. 

  • USI Students including three Pott College Engineering majors design a tri-cycle for Scott Elementary 2nd grader with mobility issues. As the pandemic hit, it was harder for these engineering students to work together but in the end this tricycle made an impact. 

  • Pott College's Engineers in Action chapter traveled to Roane County, West Virginia to build a bridge for a family to replace the previous one that was destroyed by floods years before. These engineering students and faculty members were able to provide access to medical care and necessary resources for this family. 

  • Natalie Schimp '22, former president of Best Buddies, started the campaign "Speak Only with Your Heart" to raise awareness of autsim. This campaign asked participants to choose 12 waking hours a week to promote and raise awareness of the growing number of children and adults in the community who were waiting to be heard, understood, and valued. She said, "Best buddies foundation is built on inclusion, and I believe it must start with communication, in whatever form that may be." 

  • Mechanical engineering students, Joe Winkler'21 and Koby Lindner'22, traveled to Mdlasomi, eSwatini to build a bridge to provide a connection to health care, education, and markets for the Mdlasomi community. This project allowed USI, Pott College of Science, Engineering, and Education, to provide collaborative and diverse opportunities to these engineering students.  

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