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Pre-Occupational Therapy

USI's pre-occupational therapy program prepares you for top OT graduate schools.

In USI's pre-occupational therapy program, you can get a head start on an occupational therapy graduate degree.

You can enter the pre-OT track as a freshman at USI, a year earlier than in most occupational therapy programs, and start taking pre-occupational therapy courses immediately. With that early start, you can comfortably finish your OT prerequisites within four years and 120 credit hours, while earning a bachelor’s degree in exercise science.

USI's pre-occupational therapy program provides you with specialized preparation that stands out on OT graduate school applications. You’ll have the chance to:

  • Get professional internship experience in occupational therapy clinics, hospitals and rehab centers.

  • Practice cutting-edge science and train on state-of-the-art equipment in our $300,000 Human Performance Laboratory.

  • Participate in OT research projects.

  • Take all your pre-occupational therapy courses from experienced faculty, never graduate students.

  • Join the pre-professional club.

You can get more information about the benefits of USI's pre-OT program by calling USI Admission at 800-467-1965.

Get the benefits of a top pre-OT program

Students who've completed USI’s pre-occupational therapy program have gained admission to some of the nation’s top occupational therapy graduate schools—including USI’s own occupational therapy master’s degree program.

You'll graduate with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science, entering occupational therapy graduate school with top-notch pre-OT preparation from one of the region’s best undergraduate programs.

Contact USI Admission at 800-467-1965 to schedule a visit, talk to an admission counselor and learn how USI's pre-occupational therapy program can help you launch your career. 

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