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Equipment Lending Procedures

  1. Complete and return the SwISTEM Patron Form.  Educators should plan to complete this form and return it before equipment reservation. Equipment cannot be delivered until the patron form is on file. 

  2. Select the equipment that you would like to reserve.  You can look at our printable list of equipment, or use our searchable data base to see pictures and more detailed descriptions of the equipment.  If you don't see what you want, e-mail or call.  We can frequently borrow what you need from another department at the University of Southern Indiana.

    SwISTEM Region Equipment Database
    2021-2022 SwISTEM Equipment Lending Service Inventory List

  3. Complete the online reservation form.  

    SwISTEM Equipment Lending Request Form

    You may also contact the SwISTEM Resource Center at USI by phone or e-mail with any questions and to make equipment reservations or to discuss ways to integrate our equipment into your existing lesson plans. 

    Paige Walling
    SwISTEM Services Supervisor

  4. The SwISTEM Resource Center Services Supervisor will confirm your delivery and pick-up dates via email. Since equipment is loaned on a first-come, first-served basis, please make your requests as early as possible. At least one-week notice is required to ensure timely receipt. Pick-ups and deliveries are made on Tuesday of each week.  

  5. Equipment is generally loaned in two-week increments. We are flexible whenever possible but cannot guarantee any time beyond two weeks.

  6. Patrons are asked to complete a short, on-line post-check-out evaluation once equipment is retrieved.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance, concerns, or to discuss the use of our equipment in your classroom. We are here to serve you and your students throughout the academic year! 

Allison Grabert

Paige Walling

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