University of Southern Indiana

Guidelines for Appropriate Use

  1. Check your order to ensure all requested equipment is present.

  2. Contact your SwISTEM representative immediately if any equipment is missing or damaged.

  3. Only reserve equipment for your own classroom use. Please do not reserve equipment for use in other teachers' classrooms unless you are constantly present during equipment use. Patrons are responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen equipment regardless of where the incident occurred or who was supervising the activity. Please encourage your colleagues to become SwISTEM patrons by contacting your SwISTEM representative. We welcome other regional educators to utilize the equipment lending service, but they must first fill out the necessary patron paperwork.

  4. Handle the equipment with extreme care while it is in your possession and teach your students proper handling procedures. It is imperative that equipment barcodes are protected from peeling, moisture, and marking. Habitual damage, loss, and theft incidents will result in your school being invoiced for the repair or replacement of the equipment/packaging. If you have questions regarding appropriate handling of any of the SwISTEM equipment, contact your SwISTEM representative.

  5. During the course of your check-out period, if any piece of equipment or packaging is damaged, lost, or stolen, contact your SwISTEM representative immediately and complete a "SwISTEM Loss/Damage Report" on each individual equipment/packaging damage, loss, or theft and return it to your SwISTEM representative.

  6. Repackage equipment for pick-up exactly as it was upon delivery. Making certain it is clean and pay special attention to equipment containing multiple pieces, such as math manipulatives and kits. Equipment housed in bags and boxes should be dried thoroughly before being placed in their respective containers to ensure that labels and barcodes are not damaged.

  7. Complete the Post Check-out Evaluation.

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