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Laboratory Activities

Below is a list of all Vernier Laboratory Manuals available through the SwISTEM Equipment Lending Service.  You may explore each manual and view draft copies of each lab by clicking on the name of the manual.  Each of these activities may be modified in Microsoft Word to best accommodate the needs of your classroom.  

Vernier Laboratory Manuals

Lesson plan libraries are also available for each SuperSource Mathematics Manipulatives Kit, Minds in Motion Origami Kit, Patty Paper Kit, Algeblocks, and several other pieces of equipment.  

If there is something you are looking for and can't find it, please contact us. We can help!

Teacher Submitted Laboratory Activities

We encourage teachers to share their laboratory activities with others. If you have a lab that works well in your classroom and you would like to share it, please send a digital copy to We will make sure it is posted and you are given credit for your submission.

Nuclear Lab Station Laboratory Activity--submitted by Charles Vanover

Sine Wave Generator Laboratory Activity for Middle School--submitted by Allison Grabert

Animal Adaptations

Buoyant Boats

Cabbage Juice Indicator--Liz Larosa (5th Grade Teacher)

Mystery Powders--David Katz

Chromatography for Elementary

Mass and Density

Two Heads are Better Than One (Planarian Regeneration)--Flinn Scientific

Yellow and Blue Switcheroo (Oscillating Reaction)--Flinn Scientific

Build Your Own DC Motor--Flinn Scientific

Grape Soda Dilution with Spec 20--submitted by Allison Grabert

Mighty Minerals

Mineral Flow Chart/Growing Crystals Lab

Mini-Launch Laboratory Exercise

Owl Pellet Food Web

Microscopic Pond Water Survey--submitted by Allison Grabert

Rock Candy Crystals

Spongebob Scientific Method

Sid the Science Kid Inertia

Sci Girls Chemical Reactions

Sci Girls Ooey Gooey Chemistry

Sid the Science Kid Lever Investigation

Sid the Science Kid Incline Plane Investigation

Silly Putty--submitted by Dr. Jeff Seyler

Sinkin' Lincoln (Density)

Density Demonstration: Coke vs. Diet Coke

Spec 20 Usage--submitted by Allison Grabert

Visible Spectra of Soda--submitted by Allison Grabert

Who Took Jerrell's iPod? Student Worksheet and Teachers Prep Sheet

Vitamin C Titrations--submitted by Dr. Jeff Seyler

Enzymes--submitted by Dr. Jeff Seyler


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