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Now - February 1, 2019

Teachers and adult sponsors who wish to receive ongoing information about the regional fair need to register on the state Science Education Foundation of Indiana, Inc. (SEFI) website. SEFI is the organization that oversees state-wide fair guidelines and maintains consistent standards for Regional Fairs, instituting a centralized registration procedure for all fairs. SEFI also provides funding for the Indiana senior division students who advance to the International Science and Engineering Fair. All teachers who will be registering students for the regional fair in spring must be registered as a teacher on the SEFI site.

If you registered students for last year's (2018) Regional Fair, you can simply reactivate your teacher account by logging in using the email address from last year and your assigned password. If you don't have your password, click FORGET YOUR PASSWORD? and it will be emailed to you. If you forgot which email address you used, email the regional fair director for that information.

If you are new to the fair, you will need to create an account and a password will be emailed to you. Please make sure you select the correct school from the drop-down list. Our regional fair is listed as Tri-State. To login or to create an account go to

Rules for Permissible Projects

Teachers supervising projects in grades K-8 should refer to the Rules for Indiana Elementary and Middle School Science Research and the "For Exhibitors (K-8)" tab for specific information regarding rules and project eligibility. 

Teachers supervising projects in grades 9-12 should refer to the ISEF International Rules and Guidelines and the "For Exhibitors (K-9)" tab for specific information regarding rules and project eligibility.   Senior Division projects that involve human subjects (including anything you are testing on yourself), vertebrate animals, or potentially hazardous chemicals, activities, devices, or biological agents are required to apply for an SRC/IRB Pre-Experimentation Review BEFORE research can begin. If students seek advancement to the State Hoosier Science and Engineering Fair, the deadline to submit pre-approval paperwork to USI is October 12, 2018. 

See the For Exhibitors information for your grade levels (K-8) (9-12) for more details.

How Many Projects May I Advance or Send to the TSEF?

Since 2008, the staff of the Tri-State Science and Engineering Fair (TSEF) at the University of Southern Indiana (USI) have worked very hard to ensure that any student in the region who would like to enter the fair may do so free of charge. Because of extreme growth trends in the number of project entries in the Junior/Elementary Division, the science fair committee has concluded that the time has come for registration caps to be imposed on schools entering students in the Junior/Elementary Division.  This is due in whole to venue size, judging time constraints, security/fire code issues, the USI Child Protection Policy implementation, and volunteer shortages.  Beginning in 2016, each elementary and middle school may register 10% of their total school enrollment as indicated by the Indiana Department of Education's Compass online database or the Kentucky Department of Education's Kentucky School Report Card online database.  For instance, if your school's enrollment equals 700 students, a total of 70 students from that school may enter the Tri-State Science and Engineering Fair.  Please note, this policy does not pertain to those schools entering students into the Senior Division. 

How do I add students to the system?

Once you’ve registered as a teacher, the Fair Director will need to approve you. You will receive an email notifying you that this has occurred. Then you can go to and log in. Click on “Instructions” and it will explain how to enter your student projects.

You can click the “Add Students” tab and add the students names, grade, and project title. Click on the “Group Project Wizard” tab to create teams of students (once you’ve added them into the system). This will generate log ins for your students. Click on the “Your Students” tab to get the students’ user names and passwords.

The students will need to log in and add information from there. On their first log in, they will be asked A LOT of questions, mostly to help set up their registration and help identify which forms they will need to complete. From there, they can type in their research plan, then an abstract, then upload forms. The forms they will need to upload depend on the kind of project they are doing and in which division they are competing.

Important Dates and Deadlines (click here)

Information adapted from Northeast Regional Science and Engineering Fair website. 

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