University of Southern Indiana

Accreditation Information

The accreditation dashboard serves as an online tool for sharing data reflecting USI’s progress toward the goal of increasing the quantity and quality of educators serving P12 students in Indiana and beyond. The intent of the dashboard is to provide easy data access for stakeholders. Information is presented in the following four categories:

  • Program Information – This section includes information about educator preparation programs such as accreditation/approvals, admission data, enrollment data, and completion data.
  • Outcome Measures – This section includes information about completers such as completion/attrition rates, licensure test pass rates, employment rates, and student loan default rates. (CAEP Annual Reporting Measures 5-8)
  • Impact Data – This section includes information about the impact of the completer such as , teacher effectiveness and impact on P12 student learning data. (CAEP Annual Reporting Measures 1-2)
  • Stakeholder Satisfaction – This section includes data from satisfaction surveys completed by completers at graduation, completers at licensure renewal, and employers. (CAEP Annual Reporting Measures 3-4)

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