University of Southern Indiana

Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)

Ed.D. Program Outcomes


1.       Prepare leaders who demonstrate an understanding of the varied dimensions of the relationship among schools, community well-being, and the overall effectiveness of democracy by proposing solutions to community-based problems.

2.       Prepare leaders who cultivate and utilize a range of curricular and instructional resources available in all communities.

3.       Prepare leaders who effectively solve problems associated with planning, administration, professional practice, and school/organization improvement by analyzing data, synthesizing information, and applying critical thinking skills. 

4.       Prepare leaders who demonstrate skills for designing, critiquing, and implementing relevant research to affect practice, advance social justice, and enact effective organizational change.

5.       Prepare leaders who effectively manage issues surrounding school policy and improvement including, coaching, teacher leadership, and best practices in community-based teaching and learning.

6.       Prepare leaders who demonstrate an understanding of ethical and legal considerations of leadership.

7.       Prepare leaders who demonstrate an understanding of the complex interplay of sociocultural variables that can affect traditional measures of school achievement by explaining these variables to lay audiences.

8.       Prepare leaders who demonstrate leadership behaviors such as effective strategic thinking/planning, collaboration, problem solving, reflection, and consensus building.

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