University of Southern Indiana

Bachelor of Science in Education

Name Hours Courses Checksheet
Early Childhood Education 54
Elementary Education 57
Special Education 51
Name Hours Courses Checksheet
Early Childhood Education Content Area 24
Elementary Education Content (K-6) 24
Mathematics Teaching
Mathematics Teaching, Secondary Education 27
Mathematics Teaching, Elementary & Middle-Level 31-34
Mathematics Teaching, Elementary School 25-26
P-12 Education Licensure 27
Reading - Teaching 24
Science Teaching, Elementary Education 22
Secondary Education Licensure 27
Social Science Teaching for Elementary Education or Junior High/Middle School 24
Special Education 24
Name Hours Courses Checksheet
Education 33
Education, Curriculum and Instruction
Education, Secondary Mathematics Teaching
Education, Educational Leadership and Administration
Name Hours Courses Checksheet
Educational Leadership 60
Educational Leadership, School District Administrative Leadership 60
Educational Leadership, Pedagogical Leadership 60
Educational Leadership, Higher Education Administrative Leadership 60
Name Hours Courses Checksheet
Teaching 36
Name Hours Courses Checksheet
School Administration and Leadership Licensure
Name Hours Courses Checksheet
Teacher License Addition in Exceptional Needs: Mild Intervention 24

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