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Teacher Effectiveness and Teacher Impact on P-12 Student Learning (CAEP Accountability Measure 1)

*NOTE: Effective Fall 2023, EPPs will no longer receive complete reports from the IDOE on this measure. USI is currently working toward implementing new instruments to measure Teacher effectiveness and impact to supplement this reporting requirement.

Indiana legislation (IC20-28-11.5-9) requires each school corporation/district to provide the disaggregated results of staff performance evaluations annually to the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE). It is important to note that school corporations/districts may develop local evaluation instruments and therefore a variety of instruments is used across the state. However, the legislation does mandate inclusion of specific types of measures. Of particular interest to the University of Southern Indiana is the requirement that locally developed instruments must include objective measures of student achievement and growth in both tested and non-tested areas. Additionally, the instruments must include rigorous measures of effectiveness, including observations and other performance indicators. Therefore, the positive evaluation results of program completers provide evidence that completers positively impact P-12 student learning and that completers effectively apply the professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions that the preparation experiences were designed to achieve.  Evaluation results for first, second, and third year teachers are linked to the teacher preparation institution which provided their training. This information is also available on the Indiana Department of Education website: 

Report Year

Data collection year

Percent of USI completers who were rated as effective or highly effective

Percent of Indiana completers who were rated as effective or highly effective

Fall 2022


98% (n=179)

95% (n=3560)

Fall 2021


97% (n=214)

98% (n=4671)

Fall 2020 


99% (n=252)

98% (n=4596)

Fall 2019


96% (n=253)

96% (n= 5566)

Fall 2018


97% (n=275)

95% (n=9172)

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