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Testing and Licensure

Becoming a Licensed Practitioner is the end goal of your time in Teacher Education. Wrapping up at the end of your undergraduate experience can be hectic, with a lot of different things to complete in order to transition from being a student to having students of your own. Following are the final steps in the process. Please review each one, and take advantage of the check sheet provided on the right to help you ensure you are moving in the right direction. Feel free at any time to contact us in the Teacher Education department, should you need assistance.

  • Complete your degree
    • Ensure you are on your way to completing (or completed) all required coursework, and you've submitted your graduation application. See your advisor if you are unsure you are on the path to graduation.
  • Set up your profile in LVIS (Licensing Verification and Information System)
    • Go to the LVIS portal and create your profile
    • This account is used to apply for licensing
    • Creating an account early allows required test scores to be visible on application
  • Pass required pedagogy and content area exams
    • Required pedagogy and content area exams will VARY based on your major or minor
    • Contact or see Erin Hollinger, Licensing Advisor, to ensure you know which tests you will need
    • When ready, register for your exam(s).
    • PRACTICE! Praxis offers a FREE PRACTICE EXAM with every test you register for, as well as other prep materials
  • Complete CPR/AED/Heimlich certification
    • Can be a hybrid in person/online course, but there must be an in person component with the practice dummies
    • Certificate must be unexpired at the time of license application
    • The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) provides a list of approved providers
  • Apply for your license in LVIS
    • Initial Practitioner licenses are valid for 2 (two) years. The "clock" starts when you apply and pay online. Try to time it so you aren't wasting a lot of time on your license, but do plan accordingly as some school districts require the license in hand to hire a new teacher. 
    • Log in to your LVIS account when ready and start your application
    • Be sure you've passed your required exams, and have your CPR/AED and Suicide Prevention certificates ready to upload into the application
    • You will be contacted by your Licensing Advisor if there are issues. Once everything is verified, they will put forth a recommendation to the IDOE for licensure. 

For additional information or questions about teacher licensing in Indiana, contact:

Erin Hollinger
Ms. Erin Hollinger
Coordinator, Educator Services
Contact: 812-464-1812
Education Center 3124

Bonnie Beach
Dr. Bonnie Beach
Associate Dean of the Pott College of Science, Engineering, and Education
Professor of Teacher Education
Contact: 812-465-1620
Education Center 1104



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