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Temporary Disability Parking Permit

The Parking Department may issue temporary disability parking permits to persons with short-term physical disabilities or medical conditions restricting their mobility.  In order to obtain a Temporary Disability Parking Permit, a copy of the Practitioner’s Certification for Temporary Disability Parking form must be completed by the person’s physician or health care provider and then faxed to the Parking Department office. 

For “Short-term or Temporary” disabilities, the “expected to improve by [date]” section of the form MUST be completed by the physician.  If the nature of the disability is marked on the form as “Long-term or Permanent” by the physician, the person will be issued a non-renewable 30-day Temporary Disability Parking Permit to give them time to obtain a permanent state-issued disability license plate or placard. 

Completed form must be faxed, by the office of the physician or health care provider, to the USI Parking Office between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday; the fax number is 812/465-1279.

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