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Bystander Intervention

5 Steps to Bystander Intervention

1. Notice the Event

If something doesn't seem right, take a moment to think about the situation.

2. Interpret the Situation as a Problem or Emergency

If you think something may be wrong, go ahead and think about the situation as a problem or emergency. 

3. Assume Responsibility

Don't assume someone else will do something. Others are likely making the same assumption which will result in nobody doing anything!

4. Know How to Help

It may be that you need to step in or you may need to call for help. Know what resources are available to you and your fellow peers and colleagues.

Campus Resources:

USI Counseling Center


Dean of Students Office


Disability Resources


USI Public Safety


University Health Center


Veteran Support Services


5. Implement the Help

Take action. Step into the situation only if you can do so dafely. Call for help if you think someone else needs to intervene.

*In any emergency you can call USI Public Safety at 812-492-7777.

For more information on Bystander Intervention, visit Make the First Move at

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